The Ritual of the OTGF

This ritual is apparently real. If you google it you get an OTO UK page that you can’t access about it, then scores of combat play pages about computer games named after it.

However there is supposed to be a real ritual.

It is called The Ritual of the OTGF, or The Ritual of the Open Thunder God Fist.

Has anybody here heard of it, performed it???

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the name sounds like something related to thor or indra, never heard of it though.

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That’s interesting because I perform a protection ritual with Thor involving a raised fist and ecstatic dancing.

boy was I wrong, that is, my searches came up with the wrong thing, it is actually this:

Ordo Templi Gladius Flamare

and the website that gives the ritual is this:

I’ve been told that you can alter the wording in the ritual to suit your needs, and it’s powerful.

Glad I got that sorted