The ritual of restoring health with the Bune

Death is not always death.
It’s part of the process.Renewal and rebirth are part of this process. That’s why it’s perfectly normal to work with the Demon of Death in matters of health.
I know there is someone reading this who strongly disagrees, and that’s fine.
Some people are superstitious and believe that if you are sick, the last energy you want to work with is death.
If that’s the case, don’t do it.
Just remember that energy
Death is a transformative energy.
Matter cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes shape.
The energy of death governs change/Saturn.
It’s not always a negative, destructive thing.
What matters is where you take it.
Now let’s move on to why you would like to perform this ritual.
Let’s say you’re recovering from a serious accident or a long illness.
You can use the energy of death to bring about change and move from illness to health.
It’s a resurrection, if you look at it that way.
For this ritual, you will need a gallon of consecrated water (room temperature), oleum Bune and several towels.
In the ritual space opened with the help of the Death Demon (you can also open the gate), sit on towels in the middle of the ritual space.
Imagine it as a column of seething black energy.
This energy is starting to turn blue. It appears as dark blue and becomes light blue. Now you are sitting in a column of blue energy. Imagine the white light in your chest spreading
outwards, pushing all diseases and injuries out of your body. Now it can
It may seem a little strange, but don’t stop until you do it.
Pour a gallon of water over your head and splash it on your body.
Take a few minutes to recover.
Now anoint each of your chakras with oil, as well as damaged areas or areas affected by the disease (do not apply to open wounds and do not swallow oil!).
Take ten measured, deep cleansing breaths.
Loudly declare: “I am reborn anew! I am cleansed and healed.”
Repeat this statement as many times as you wish.
Get up, complete the ritual and get on with your day.
I recommend doing this ritual in the morning, simply because it refreshes and invigorates.
You can do this even after a minor illness.
Or after stressful life changes such as divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc… As a ritual of rebirth and renewal, it is quite universal

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