The Ritual of Holy Death against Black Magic

You will need:
• The image of the bone-colored Holy Death
• White candle
• Three buns
• Cigar
• Basil Branch
• Red Apple
Procedure: This ritual is performed on Tuesdays or Fridays in the afternoon. You clean yourself with a candle, a cigar, an apple, basil and buns, in front of the image of the Holy Death, starting with a candle, then a cigar and so on consistently with all materials. You start with your head, you finish with your feet. When you’re done. take a candle and say a prayer, it must be done with great faith and devotion.
Stir the rolls, basil and apple at the feet of the CM. light a cigar and fumigate the image, then leave the cigar about CM until it goes out. If the glass in which the candle is standing cracks, or the candle itself goes out, you need to start all over again. On the third day, take basil, apple and buns and stir them into a tree with thick foliage.

Prayer for the ritual.

"Holy Death, my lady. Mistress of darkness and cold, come to me and give me your protection. My lady, protect me and hide me from my enemies, traps, traps and revenge. Cover me with your cloak from trouble. My lady, who sees in the dark, take care of me, my house and my family. Because I believe in you, and I love you, and I believe in the energy that lives in me, So be it.

In this ritual, an apple, three rolls are a “victim” that absorbs negativity, so they are not eaten as usual, but taken under a tree, they will be processed, and the damage, curse, evil eye will go into the ground. Basil has magical cleansing properties, in rituals sprinkling the altar with water with a sprig of basil is a cleansing action. In this ritual, basil drives away negativity and evil spirits. Cigars are used in magic by all South Americans for one purpose or another, but if you are a non-smoker, you can replace a cigar with incense. This ritual not only removes negative energy from you, but also forms protection.


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