The rite of salt cleansing

This cleansing ceremony can only be performed on one day of the week.

It is best to do this on Sunday.

We buy salt, sew a small bag made of natural fabric. Ideally made of linen or cotton.

The bag should hold about 2 tablespoons of salt.

We tie the edges tightly and hold a bag of salt in our hands, imagining how all the bad things go away.

Then we pronounce the conspiracy once:

“I will have no harm, neither far nor near, neither high nor low, neither in feasting, nor in trouble, neither under the sky, nor under the roof, nor with relatives, nor with strangers. And the sadness of kruchin will bypass me, and it will never come near me. My work is hard, my word is strong. So be it!”

Let the bag always be at the head of the bed.

The ritual can be performed once a month, and the old salt should be lowered into running water.