The Rite of Lilith's Vampyrism

This ritual is designed to strengthen one’s vampyric metabolism, personal magnetism, persuasion, charm, impart a sense of joy and optimism, improve astral hearing and astral sight, empathy, augment the power of tendrils and also improve the contact with spiritual gifts.

>>Do not worry about how you pronounce things. Just pronounce them. Do your best.<<

Yshtoru Torusan Merkathor Vavales (11x)

Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffoth! (6x)

Mother Lilith! I call you forth to my arena of sorcery and I call your blessing upon my soul. Grant me the powers of persuasion, magnetism and charm. May all great things come my way!

Fumeros Ontaron Akime Shash (9x)

My wish is to live with joy and an indestructible sense of power. I am my own god, under the blessing and warriorhood of Lilith. Arise with your armours and weapons, my Queen, and let me walk with you with absolute confidence and power!

Melus De Quo Magma! Liftoach Kliffot! Yehi Aur Chashakh! Zodamran! Yatukisahla!

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Laylil (x11)

Black Moon goddess, the one who never died and has never been born, I conjure your greatness to open my third eye and see the beauty and horrors of the Nightside. Lead me to my own mastery of astral perception!

Hurkriten (11x)

I am the predator, never the prey. I am a vampyric god among men and my kingdom is where my throne is, forever! Ama Lilith, grant me the powers to boost my vampyric metabolism and awake the horrific vampire beast that rests inside of my soul!

Feed me with your infernal prana!

Akharinn Laylil Lilitu Sekrenatar (11x)

Niiso Ulkinas Krestath Infernalum (6x)




Looks interesting.
I bookmarked this for possibly future reading.

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You won’t regret it

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I read this out loud and had to turn the lights off because I couldn’t stand them

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And how did it go after that?

For you truewerewolf, how did it go after that? like, days or weeks after.

I came across new forms of energy manipulation/absorption, definitely felt more confident, could communicate better with spirits etc. Didin’t take more than a couple of days to feel the effects, I’ve been doing this ritual for over a year now…

Lilith might also start working with you or at least give you guidance.


Ok nice! Thank you for sharing this information with all of us. You did this ritual for over a year? You mean you repeated the same spell, about once a week or so?

Every now and then. I used to perform rituals everyday, almost all of my own. But not anymore.

If you do this once a week or once every two weeks it will be enough.


understood and thank you

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Thank you for sharing @truewerewolf! Hail Lilith :sunglasses::metal:t2:

Edit: Dumb question but what language are those in? I tried a translator and nothing came up. Thank you!

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Demonic tongue and a little bit of latin.

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Nice, thank you!


I think I will do this one tonight as well again reading from my phone but definitely planning to learn this by hard.

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Still pretty freaking good lol