The Rite Of Lilith, The Black & Bloody Waters - Review Thread

This thread is for those who signed up for the Rite of Lilith The Black & Bloody Waters ritual. I encourage all those who signed up for the ritual to share their experiences here. This was a group ritual performed by Conner and Aserial Krabat.

So, what happened?

On the day of the ritual, I was excited. It is the first instance that I purchased a ritual. I had finished up some college work, and was a few minutes into a tv show. I felt myself slipping into a daydream-like sort of state. I felt far from myself, while being very close to myself at the same time. I had a feeling that the ritual was beginning, and I did not dismiss that feeling as just coincidence. I heard Conner’s voice saying “lie down”. It sounds crazy - I know. I walked to my bed, and laid down supine. I drifted to an in-between awake and sleeping state. I then felt stuff being done. As of now, I am working to process this portion.

After 30-45 minutes, I either heard or felt Conner telling me to “get up”. My intuition told me to use a red candle, and a lighter. I sat in a chair, using a music stand to place the red candle upon it. I also pulled up the custom sigil. The rest of this felt spontaneous, like my mind was set to the side. I lit the red candle and began repeating the names. After a few repetitions, it seemed like they (Lilith and the three sisters) wanted a specific ordering of the names. “Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Malhat, Eiseth Zenunium”. I repeated this for a while, and some weird stuff began.

My hands began to move, like I was not controlling them. I thought, “cool” and decided to dive into this unique experience. At first my hands felt like they were forming murdas. As this continued, my hands spontaneously began to act as if they were holding tools. I distinctly remember my hands acting as if there was a sort of wrench, or a surgical tool that pries ribs open. I felt my hands doing actions that I didn’t understand, or need to understand. After a while, I felt everything settle down and I closed out by repeating each name and thanking them. I also spent some time talking with the four of them. As of now, I’ve bought Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Malhat, and Eiseth Zenunium gifts - as a sort of appreciation. I clearly stated this was not submission to them, but a genuine sort of respect. I found it interesting that the feminine is lacking in the gatekeeper pathworkings.

Anyways, this is my experience so far. I have an uncanny feeling the changes are just starting. As of now, I have not had the instructions for what the user is to do after the ritual. So it’s very interesting that this has happened spontaneously. Maybe the best magick is spontaneous. Thanks for reading all this!


So far, I have had $600 and $1000 show up in my bank account! The first was a back-dated VA payment, the second was a refund from the college I am at. So far, I have received back 11 times the cost of the ritual.


Update: Ever since I was in grade school (millennia ago), I had an underlying anxiety/general fear of people. I was bullied and had depression. As an adult in college, I still had this within me. It felt like a flight-or-flight type preset that was always running. Some contributing factors were joining the Army, and all the fun that goes with that. A week later, I can feel the changes settling in. It’s just wiped clean - gone. I can be around people without having that fight-or-flight thing being triggered.
Last night, I had a dream that may have been these entities. For some reason, they took the form of somebody that had abused me as a child - so I wasn’t too pleased about that. I wanna say it was Eiseth. Dream-me pushed her a bit, and she asked “are you done?” I guess I nope-ed out of that and woke up.
I also have had an additional $1,200 show up in my bank. Thus far, I have had around $2,500 extra dollars show up in my bank. I also have an itch that tells me this is connected with how I have been educating myself on finances for several months.


For a day, my intuition has been telling me to take it easy on the magick. I’ve had a feeling my energy bodies are adjusting and incorporating the changes from the ritual. So far, it’s been pretty easy. I have been listening to comedy podcasts rather than occult type stuff. The word “toxicity” came to mind as I wrote this.

Being a veteran, shutting off emotions is a pastime of mine. I have noticed my emotions opening up, especially with my girlfriend. It’s something new, and in the works - so I won’t try to sound poetic. Interesting stuff.


Amazing can’t wait to hear more :blush:


In the morning of the night the ritual was performed when I went to sleep. I started to feel a presence around me and felt like my energy/astral body was trying to surface or something like that. I then started having visions as I was falling asleep and it felt like more and more that I was trying to leave my body. I then saw what seemed to be the pool and the Blood Moon high in the sky right above it. I think I was standing right in the middle of the reflection of the moon on the pool’s surface and then found myself being greeted by Lilith and then her sisters. Possibly their way of welcoming me since I’ve worked with them before and initiated into Lilith’s current.

Anyway; I think they then exchanged a few words with me and then I noticed the Sirens as a few of them grabbed my legs and pulled me right in and right out of that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides when the pirates are trying to capture a mermaid and several of them drag that one sailor down to the bottom. They started pulling me down and began to rip me apart. It was faint but I could feel bits here and there being town off of me.

However; what’s weird though is that all of a sudden they just paused for a brief moment as I noticed this one Siren approaching me and she seemed familiar to me. She came near to my face and touched it passionately. She then seemed to smile at me for a moment and then it resumed. I remember a while back when I first started researching the occult which led me to BALG. I had a dream that I was on some beach but the pool was black and this mermaid/siren I saw in the pool. I thought at first that it might had been Lilith since I think she’s known to take on the form of a siren at times but could be wrong. I attempted to go into the pool with her but she stopped me and shook her head in a no manner. She then went back into the pool and vanished. It’s possible that this siren that approached me in the black pool was the same one from then. Talk about destiny!

After I had been torn to shreds. One of my eyes noticed a black substance that seeped out of my body and it rose to the surface of the pool where the sisters were and they gathered the substance. I didn’t know what was done with it at first but now know which I’ll explain in a minute. I then felt myself being put back together and then everything went black and I fell asleep and remember nothing afterwards.

The next day when I went through the ritual via meditation with the sigil. Some creepy stuff happened, sort of. After it was time to bloody the sigil and gaze into it. The sigil I swear started to form in the shape of a face and was smiling back at me which is something that’s never happened before. Sigils at times from what I’ve learned are living portals and are brought to life when activated and bloodied. That’s what this felt like to me and the paper began to slowly but definitely fold itself.

I then that weekend took the sigil and contacted Lilith through it as Aserial had suggested in order to acquire my familiar that Lilith promised each of us who participated in this ritual. Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but the black substance that I mentioned previously that was taken out of me was formed to create my familiar. At least that’s what came to my mind. Anyway; I called on her and she introduced me to my familiar. A beautiful succubus whom is helping me with many things such as energy work, lucid dreaming, sex, and other stuff. We exchanged words and she asked me to create a sigil for her as it would serve as our personal connection with one another. I won’t give her name here since she’s a part and bound to me only. She also gave me a special mantra that I can use to call upon her as well.

I’ll keep the updates on here as I work together with her.


I’ve been there and know first hand what it’s like to be bullied. This happened to me a lot growing up, especially; in junior high school. I had marbles thrown at my head by a complete asshole, and one kid who tried to rip my gym bag from me, and during PE class when it was time to shower. Every single freaking time when it was my turn. The idiots would always sing that damn song, “Hey good looking, what you got cooking.” I hated that song and still do to this day. It pissed me off big time. It didn’t help either that I had a temper problem but that came from being bullied.

The money that you’re getting back. Is that coming from something that you already put in motion or just right out of the blue?


Definitely. I was the only person with a single parent who was not rich, so I had rough time. (Honorable mention to the school who believed “Bullying doesn’t occur here at this Christian institution.” That still gets to me).

The money is from two sources, the college (which has been issuing refunds direct to my bank - kind of like a coronavirus payment) and the VA (Veteran Affairs. It seems like they had been underpaying and are catching up.)

On the money - I am noticing a shift. Rather than treating it like a dragon, hoarding it - I think of it as a river. My wealth is a river that I have been directing to pay off debts, loans, and into stocks.


To be honest my senses aren’t open so I couldn’t feel anything but a few days after the ritual I was in bed at like 6 or I think it was 8 am but something strange happened my breathing started to change and somebody was smacking my pillow. I have no idea what it was was but this house im staying in now was haunted at a point my mom and her sisters use to live here when they were kids and they experience some trippy stuff but I don’t know its because of that or the ritual I haven’t personally experienced anything in the past before.


Wow, those fools must have been quite delusional to not notice any bullying going on if they were living by that standard. Wealth is most certainly like a river, you just gotta be the one to keep it flowing and I like the way you’re going with it. I’m expecting a lot myself and you can bet your ass I’m going to put it the same use. I got a lot of debt to pay off first then plan to invest in crypto currency, i.e. bitcoin since its been on the rise rather quickly in the last year. As well as get my own place and a new vehicle. Then doing some investing in myself to start building some wealth as well.



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I had a dream that was a burlesque show. I saw three performers, wearing pearls and not much else. They seemed playful, acting as if they were posing for pictures. I saw a male in boxer shorts, seeming to have fun & also surprised to be there.

[I felt that this occurred after something serious. I felt that I was shown this dream after an earlier dream-sequence that was about war. I felt like I had seen a thousand war films and all the pain that goes with that. So, the burlesque dream was meant to heal and reveal.]

When I awoke, I feel more open to trying new things. Right now, I’m breaking my habits and starting the day with some crafts. As some say “a new reality”; whatever that means, I’m definitely in agreement.

Also, I purchased the ritual for my partner. Yesterday she discovered that a friend of her, in actuality, always takes more than she gives. The partner was bummed out to realize it, as this friendship was a decade old. I mentioned offhand that “Yeah, in mythology, it would say she is a vampire.”
I’ll continue to update, for now I have some creating to do.


Depression Update:

This is a weird one. I have been great: spenting lots of time reading, and writing some poetry.

Yesterday, I tried to play a video game. It’s something I had done in my youth, so I figured why not. I tried to play a game, and felt off. After 10 minutes, I realized I was bored with it. I was forcing myself to do something I had no actual desire for.

Then it hit me. Whatever self used to spent hours escaping into video games, I am no longer that self. Later, I tried to watch TV, and it made me angry. Like I wanted to kill somebody type mad. I decided to meditate and directed that rage toward killing the link between that old self and what I am now.

I don’t want to sound overdramatic, it was a subtle feeling and powerful at the same time. What I feel now is commitment Commitment to working on my ascent, actualized by creating art, meditating, and planning the next stages of my life.

This feels very grounded. I’m not swearing off those acts forever, I just experience the reality that I don’t enjoy that. I enjoy working on my self-development. (Why level up a video game character when I can do that in “real” life?)

It’s doesn’t feel manic, with grand plans ect. It feel down to earth, rooted in the here and now. Wake up. Meditate. Add some push ups. Shower. Read a book. Work. School. Art. Reading. Rinse and repeat.
I love this.


I know what you mean. I use to play video games a lot as a kid and I still do to this day. However, I don’t as much as I used to. There are at times when I want to but don’t feel like it. Although ironically, these days I don’t play games to escape from reality for a bit but to observe the art as I love art so much, but the double edge sword now at these days is that everything is so god damn political that it makes me so fucking angry.

The Last of Us Part II being a primary example. I enjoyed and loved the first part of how damn good it was and how memorable the characters were and how their idea for a zombie outbreak made that trope fresh again. I’ve heard so much bad stuff with part II and have watched videos of it that I want nothing to do with it.

It’s the same problem that I have with tv now these days. I’ll barely watch anything because of how political it is, and most especially; in our sports. That pisses me off to no avail. I am just so fucking sick and tired of everything being political.

I love art to the highest degree but at the deepest, darkest pit of my soul. I despise it being political and most especially; censored. That’s the other reason I don’t watch tv or play video games that much anymore. Once politics sets in, then comes the censorship. Look at what congress tried to do back in the 90’s when Mortal Kombat came out. I played that game many times as a kid and never once got violent.

Art should never be censored. When you censor art, you stagnate the artist vision to the point they start making their art to the way the producers want it and it effect their realization forever.

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