The right Wine

This question may be for the more in depth practitioners and someone who is knowledgeable in wines. But is the choice of wine as an offering or to consume during ritual any factor? Is one type better then the other? Like what kind of wine does the Christian church use?

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The christian church in my old town just used cheapest available red wine from the local Alko (liquor store), if the tour guide we got as kids was telling the truth. In offerings I use either red wine that I myself have enjoyed or honey wine. In spells I generally use wines that I myself have made, and choose whatever feels appropriate.


I would say your favorite wine is the best offering and the best ritual aid. Mead for Norse work. A sweet red is what I use for almost every evocation. The more it personally vibes with you the better. Btw red wine helps my trancework tremendously! But I see where you’re going with this. :smirk:


I like red for all the obvious reasons. Developing a personal taste for wines is a terrific thing to do. Each one has its own essence and style.

Methodist churches just use grape juice, so don’t worry about being specific unless it works for your purposes. There are rare, expensive, and traditional wines of all sorts if you want to put some style into it.

Also, wine making technology has come a long way over the years. Most wine you can get these days is quality, even the fairly cheap kinds.

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Most people who buy expensive wines and champagnes do so to impress others and if you served them an anonymous bottle, very few would be able to distinguish anything about a wine. A lot is perception and cost and personal taste.

I only drink Cristalle! Really? Well you’ve been drinking prosecco for the past hour!

Unless you’ve learnt about wines and truly learnt to taste, without consideration for costs or variety then you know wine.

Yes some older wines are more expensive and I recently had a 17 year old red which was like cherry velvet and is now
£60 a bottle. However, as far as rituals go, you give what you are able to give, and a small glass is enough.

Can I also say that unless you are invited to do so you don’t drink from that glass unless you’re invited to do so.

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A lot of spirits seem to like this:

This is the legend behind the name (probably an egregore was created, but normies don’t know this) -


I like the Apothic Dark wine… :slight_smile:


This has nothing to do with my question

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I see that it had plenty of meaning to the topic. She’s explaining it doesn’t matter the type, whatever you can afford or whatever feels right.

She was also saying that people and spirits cannot tell the difference between different reds when it comes down to it


Ah I see. Now I understand. Thanks @HermesHorse & @KingOfHearts616

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Lol I literally did not get any sleep last night working all hours. My brain is fried right now :weary:

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All good, I’ve been there lol