The right resin

Where I live I can buy 30 grams of copal resin for about $6, or I can buy 1kg of frankinsence for $30. You can’t buy bulk copal in Australia. I have ordered from the states about 2 months ago but it never arrived. I know Frank… can be used with angels or neutrals, but does it have a negative impact if I want to use it with darker entities?

If any Aussies know where to buy copal from a legit company, please let me know, Thanks.

ebay brother


I think it’s very odd how I’ve always wondered this, and now that I see it, it makes me realize something. If it really was bad for these reasons, there would be a warning to stay away from it. The one thing that makes frank interesting is the fact it has hallucinogenic properties and it’s been in spiritual and religious ceremonies for 3,000 years at least.

I think the only reason people don’t use it, is because it’s innocent seeming. It probably has much use, but only if you close off your room and fill it with the incense smoke (ancient people used to inhale the fumes of incense, I prefer doing it this way). If magick is about getting in the mood, it may be hard for certain people to evoke a nasty demon with the smell of frankincense resin burning.

"Accounts from the ancient world make frankincense sound like a cross between aspirin, penicillin, Xanax and Viagra, with a touch of duct tape and magic. "

Awesome, so on top of evoking powerful demonic forces I can also enjoy headache relief, curing viral infections, calming fear and anxiety and get a hard on!!! watch out demons! Brutus is on steroids!

What kind of Copal resin do you guys prefer? White, gold or black?

Yet another question of mine with just too much responses! You guys are so awesome!

I have a simplistic newbie question to add to this.

How much resin will I need to purchase in order to do my first evocation?

How much resin will need to be kept on the charcoal at any given through out the duration of the evocation?

I generally see anywhere from 4oz. to a pound for sale.

How sufficient is this to start with?

Dragons blood, Copal resin, and human hair is pretty much all I use

I use 10 teaspoons of Olibanum and i get a LOT of smoke.

I recently tested pure frankincense resin from India. I scraped off about 1/8th of an ounce of granules and it burned well for about 1:15. A pinch probably burns with good effect about 45 seconds.