The right Demon for getting a new better job?

Hi guys,

I am long term Cabbalah practitioner, I`ve been working, also, with Goetia Demons for a couple of years now and really want to share some positive and constructive experience with other people in this forum and learn new things.

Today Im here because I want to help my best friend to find a new, better job and I was wondering which one will be the best Demon for that job. I have been working successfully with Goetia demons for a couple of years now, but never asked any of them for job assistance, So, I will be very grateful if someone can share his/her success job story. I am gonna get into some details about our case: she (my friend) has a job which is awfull and really low-paid eventhough shes got good education. My goal is to help her find more prestigous job than the current one, with good wage and good position in the company. Im hesitating between King Belial, King Paimon and Volac. I´ve read a lot of positive comments about King Belial and King Pamon. Ive personally had great experience we both of them (King Belial for juridical cases and King Paimon for manipulation), but never used them for anything like that. I havent worked with Volac yet. King Paimon works pretty wel with me and really fast. If there is someone who used some of them for finding a new job, please share you story, but STATE exactly for which reason you used the demon - to just find a new good job, to pass the interview you already have scheduled, or to get a higher position in the company you are working for - because she doesnt have offers yet, nor is trying to get some specific job. She is going to start searching once I`ve done the ritual.


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Try with King belial…(my experience with him) he help me to get better job after the 1 summoning of another thing when i summon him for another matter about (court case) he solve it well i just gaze on his sigil mentaly and told him for another job next day i was working in england, after that i told him again to change my job and it was not about money but yes about time… he do it again now im working with a american company in the stuff that i like… also Clauneck have some part here. One Hail for both of them King Belial and clauneck.


I really appreaciate your help! Thanks a lot! One question, when he changed your job did you have something specific in mind or just told him that you want a new job, to change the current one? I mean, you had not known the job before that.

You welcome. Nop a friend of mine call me in less then 24 hours… but the job he offer me, (means King Belial) was better then the job that i got before.

I was expecting exactly that kind of answer :rofl: Thank you a lot! If you need help with something just ask.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You welcome, but you can also compare more information on the search bar upside with the word job and get more information.:+1:

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Do you think that Belial could also guide if I can’t get a new job what business could I start ? If not what spirit could help me to overcome money stagnation

Bune can help to get job

Clauneck with money finances