The Real "Secret" to the Law of Attraction (LoA)

Lord Belial and King Paimon have impressed this on my mind. I’m thinking that they want me to share this with you all.

“This so-called “Law of Attracting” is a principle behind all reality. Everything that exists came about as a thought. Including you. Yes, two people thought of having sex to bring you into existence. This was no accident. So what you think about, what you desire already exists in the nothingness, the Void. When it comes to your mind, it is manifest on what you call the mental and astral realms. So you ask, why has my desire not yet manifest on the physical realms, your “reality”? The secret to this principle of “law of attracting” is physical efforts on your part. What you call work. So you must work to provide a way for your thoughts to manifest. Work!” ~ Lord Belial

“Does it not say in your books that ‘Faith without works is dead’? To make your dreams come true, you must at least try to work hard. Do something! You dream about money. Are you employed? Is there another source of income? You want that beautiful person. Are you confident and well-groomed? Is your personality pleasant? Are you worth being with? Be realistic. Visualization, will and belief is important, yes, but you need to work towards your dreams.” ~ King Paimon

That is all. Thanks.



Nice, good to see others verifying that even demons believe in this stuff. It’s the single method that’s been the MOST reliable for me, across changing ideas about reality and so on… :thinking:



Yeah completely agree, it’s more about being the embodiment of what you want to manifest than just thinking about it.


Pretty much what King Paimon has told me. I love how consistently motivating the spirits‘ advice is. They want us to get off our butts instead of waste our time dreaming of our goals.


“Law of attraction is good, but we are living in Malkuth”

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All due respect, I disagree with Belial and Paimon. I have manifested without much work. I’ve literally thought of something once, forgotten it, gotten what I wanted, and then someone else even mentions how I said I wanted x, y and z thing was what I wanted and then I got it. This has gone for things I’ve also accidentally cursed myself with.

*Edit - I don’t disagree with the fact that sometimes, sure, your manifestation requires more WORK, in terms of power and force, to move a manifestation along. Put I don’t agree it’s essential, especially if your natural energetic composition is fertile to such environment as to require little work on your end.

But do you, Paimon and Belial. Do you.

That doesn’t contradict what King Paimon told me when He said ”eliminate inner obstacles“. More often than not, it’s the practitioner who has to work on themselves in order to align themselves with their goals if their goals aren’t yet attainable to their current level of self-realization. It sounds a bit complicated, but at least it makes sense to me. I don’t see any contradiction here at all: If you’re already in alignment with the path you need to be on in order to get what you want, then there’s much less work for you (and on yourself) involved, or none at all. Seems logical to me, and I’ve had many personal experiences to back this up, too. I know the other side as well, though. And sometimes the goals change so that once you’ve adjusted them either because of natural developments over time or because of uncomfortable circumstances that forced you to reconsider - once you’ve done that, things can go incredibly smoothly. The reason being, you’re finally on the right track but didn’t realize what it was before, when you were still chasing after something that didn’t truly correspond with you.