The Rap lyrics of a devil

" Got the empire weighing down on my shoulders
Thought ice was cold, feel my heart
it’s a lot colder, why because
The long road of power ain’t ever over

Call me what you like, Bringer of light
Lord of the night, I’m creation like
the combination or fire and ice,

Risen up, Soul is forsaken
like the brothers and sister’s from salem
Blood to lucifer, set and satan
Now the beast’s have awakened
i’m the devil they tainted
in these books that are supposedly sacred
So set fire to the pages.

Holy ones looking nervous
When i pull them into the pit of serpents
everyone questioning my purpose
so they sign the pact in blood
for my infernal service
my law to man is to never worship.

Mother thought i was an angel,
until the age of twelve
i fell to the depths of hell
locked in a infernal nocturnal
circle cell
having conversations with

Blood letting, Lighting candes
pushing my power through
the athames handle
calling spirits into the vessel upon the mantel.

The devil got a new name
Mr Kendall, going mental
centered in the circles central
Calling on the powers of darkness
to rise through my temple.

Now i’m in a meditative position,
Seeing visions and premonitions
spirits started talking,
so i had to listen

Seeing number like
666, 616 and 777
then a voice whispers
’ its better to reign in hell
than it is to serve in heaven '.


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:. Fire as fuck.


This almost inspires me enough to post my rap I made couple years ago, but ayyy, that was pretty awesome. :smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We should team up!

Post it! :+1:



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