The quickest course in magic for those that are lost in the mayhem and confusion

and the forest of published material.

The good path -
Opening Prayer - metaphysically superior more virtuous beings of the supercosmos guide me on the pathway to metaphysical ascension and virtue. (add your requests etc here.) Any entity that comes through ask its name. be polite nice and virtuous for this is the goal…!

The bad Path -
Opening Prayer - metaphysically inferior beings cursed and damned of the supercosmos….etc etc.

And basically that’s it…!

Start off with NO names let them tell you their names — adhere to NO previous principals or methods. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN for those on the bad path it doesn’t matter what answers your prayer, for those on the good path - TRUE virtuousness is your means to determine the nature of any entity you call up. Just coz you don’t win the lottery it doesn’t mean that its a bad spirit. Even no news is GOOD news when dealing with the m. superior beings of the supercosmos.


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