The question of the kind of spirit

If anyone is familiar with this topic, please help me in the next question.

In my previous topics, I talked about my past life, where I was a man or a woman or an androgyne under the name Attakeria.
King Paimon explained that Attakeria was the gatekeeper and had a sort of priestly function. Moreover, the image of this creature is as follows: a man with blue skin and light blue, like fiery hair. His home was a mountainous area surrounded by dense forests. At the bottom of the mountain is a waterfall.

A lot of what I described was also pointed out in early topics, but it’s just that new details are coming in now. When I begin to meditate on this image, it is as if I hear the ringing of a bell and smell the mountain herbs.

Moreover, some kind of temple appears in the mind, similar to Buddhist or Hindu, or some kind of underground sanctuary with high columns, on which signs are inscribed. What are these signs - I cannot understand.

What kind of spirit do you think it might be?