The Qabalistical Invocation Of LHP

I’m really not a fan of LHP, but I felt like writing something about an invocation like this, Qabbalah related. So, if you spot anything non related or I’m missing a piece, just correct me; I don’t know much about LHP, let me say I know nothing.

Check this link for little insight about the Qabalistic words.

Qabalistical Invocation Of The Left Hand Path
Be favourable unto me, O ye Powers of the Kingdom of Darkness.
So its Glory and Eternity be in my left hand and my right hand, that I may attain to victory.
May Pity and Justice restore my soul to its original purity.
May Understanding and Wisdom of the Left Hand Path conduct me to the Imperishable Crown.
Oh Nehema, adversary of Malkuth, you who has laboured and has overcome, set me in the path of Good; lead me to the Two Pillars of the Temple and to the Gatekeepers, that I may rest upon them.
Spirits of Harab-Serapel and Samaël, make ye my foot to stand firmly on Yesod, the Gameliel.
Spirits of Gamchicoth, console me!
Spirits of Golab, strike if it must be so; but make me strong so that I may become worthy of the influence of the Tagaririm.
O Spirits of Satariel, give me light.
O Spirits of Chaigidel, give me love; and the adversary of Kether confer upon me faith and hope.
Spirits of the Qliphotic world, withdraw me not from the Kingdom of Assiah.
O inverted Pentagram of the World of Darkness, cause me to see and understand the mysteries of the worlds of Qliphoth, the shining Qlippa.
Ishim, assist me in the name of Nahema.
O ye Cherubim, be my strength by the power of the Gamaliel.
Beni Elohim, be ye my brethren in the Name of Samaël and by the Power of Adramelech.
Elohim, Gods and Goddesses of Darkness, fight for me in the names of the Harab-Serapel, and by the Powers of Baal.
Tagaririm, protect me in and by the Name of Belphegor.
Seraphim, Spirits of Qliphoth burning with zeal, purify my love in the Name of Asmodeus.
Gamchicoth, enlighten me by the touches of Ashtaroth.
Satariel, act ye! Sustain me by the name Lucifuge.
Chaigidel, O Chaigidel, forget me not and cast me not out of the sanctuary.
Thamiel, O Thamiel, cry aloud as a Eagle, speak as a Man, roar, and bellow:
Qadosch! Qadosch! Qadosch!
As Above, So Below.


This could work as an integrative exercise, however, I would say Compassion and not pity, because Compassion is the sacrament of suffering, and I wouldn’t say justice, but discipline.

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It might work in some and is useless to some. For example the Sethurian qlipoth uses diffrent names on certain qlipoths, its rulers and orders.

Personally I wouldn’t ask for mercy and love but rather power and fire.

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