The pursuit of happiness?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been wondering, is LHP the pursuit of happiness?
What is happiness? Is happiness = well-being?

Is there a black magician who feels really happy, or is his life positive in some way?

6 months ago come to face a Dark Night of the Soul, the second, the first was about 4 years ago, lasted longer but was less intense, this has been very intense.

The truth has not proven anything, my social relations somehow got worse enough, financially broke, and much more, but here still …

And all this makes me doubt if indeed this path is the pursuit of happiness, or how that happiness is achieved?

What do you think?


Happiness isn’t a thing.

It’s an emotional state.

You naturally flow in and out of it in response to your external stimuli.

But you can also control your emotional state more than you believe, which allows you to flow in and out of the state in response to your own internal stimuli.

Sure, I feel really happy at times. But it’s not who I am. It’s just an emotional state I experience.

I feel my life is positive. I’m working toward creating the things I want to create in this world and changing the things I want to change. I’m growing and evolving, becoming a more powerful and better person.

Oh, I think I see what you’re getting at.

No, this is not an easy path. It is not a path where you’re going to feel happy all the time and just waltz through life. This is a path of a warrior … a path of conflict … a path of challenge. And it’s often a path of painful change.

But it can lead you to what you want. It’s just not an easy path to walk.

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I have walked this path a few years ago, I am not new, even the rites have not helped me today, and anyone who has walked some dark night of the soul understands me.

I had a few months ago very happy, very happy and abundant.

But all this has made me reflect a lot on the path we walk, the fact that often not even the magicians post “hey I’m happy with the profession I lead” “I’m happy about life and my family” “I got my dreams”

On the contrary are doubts, requests and the “how do I …”

I know that there must be magicians made, they must be the few, or Koetting counts their prowess, but it is very different from how many “normal” people who are not “iniciated” has emerged from crisis and then are bluntly happy and successful … I do not know if I make myself understood, I hope so…

by the way im not an english speaker…

maybe i’m thinking in RHP haha… whatever

I understand. My own life has been a series of struggles and I’ve gone through several cycles of painful growth, each with their own dark night.

I can’t speak for other people. I can only offer my own experiences.

My entire life has been a path of challenges that wounded me, but always lead me to the point where I’m stronger and wiser. It’s felt like a living hell at times … but I see the gifts I was given through that ordeal when I look back on it years later, after the pain has passed.

Once I stopped fighting myself and accepted that my own evolution is a series of painful changes … and I fully embraced the need to make those painful changes … my life became a lot easier.

Are the changes still painful? Sure, at times. But I’m not resisting it now and that’s allowing me to adapt to the changes much quicker with less stress.

By committing myself to my own evolution through my journey into magick, things have started to align very quickly for me, bringing me more of what I really desire and stripping away the things that don’t work for me. That “strpping away” can cause painful changes in my life, but I understand it’s a part of the process of my own evolution.

For example, I want a certain kind of lifestyle that gives me the freedom to do what I want with my time while also earning a great deal of money.

It’s taken me the better part of the last year working toward that goal, but the groundwork was laid that will allow that to start flowing into my life in a very tangible way within the next few months.

The painful changes came from the need to strip away the behaviors and the old patterns that would not help me reach my goal. I had to morph into the person capable of achieving that goal. And I had to sacrifice some other things that were not as important to me in order for me to focus on my goal.

Was it easy? Hell no. But is it worth it? It is to me.

I know a few people who appear to be very happy to other people, but I’m close enough to them to see their misery.

Social media like Facebook has really highlighted this. We see someone’s happy photo when they were out with their friends and think “Wow, they’re so happy. I wish I was happy like that.”

But you don’t see them two minutes later when the smiles for the camera are gone and they’re sitting there together, not talking, feeling all alone in a roomful of people.

No one is happy all the time.

Personally, I think happiness is highly overrated. I’m more concerned with creating something meaningful to me. I’m more concerned about things like freedom, purpose, contentment, and satisfaction than I am happiness.


100% agree with you

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No matter what I do in this shitty lifetime nothing will change. I know why, it doesn’t make it that much better.

This timeline is the dark one, full of fear and pain, but those that can work and push through will be greatly rewarded for it.

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In the old American documents like the bill of rights the pursuit of happiness means the aquisition of land and wealth without interfering government or regulations. The modern government is the exact opposite they restrict everything and anything they can so the pursuit of happiness has come to mean something emotional and abstract when once it meant very physical tangible welth and land.


If I agree with you a lot, the topic is the following: what do you do when you lose all hope, even in spirituality, entities and magic?

When you go through a dark night of the soul so strong, these things give to reflect

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What do you mean rewarded for it ?.

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I still struggle sometimes. “Am I just fooling myself?” … “Am I just talking to my own unconscious mind?”

But then I remember the physical changes I’ve seen my magick work in this world and the people I’ve touched with it.

And I look in the mirror and see I’m not the man I was even a year ago.

And I remember the energetic force I’ve felt, and other people have felt, when I’ve evoked a spirit into my area.

And I take a deep breath, let all my doubt go, and dive back into “The Work”.

I found I don’t have these moments as much when I’m engaged and doing my magickal exercises every day.

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When you push through and shape the world to deliver you something you truly want, then that is your own slice of happiness.

It means whatever you want it to mean. You bend reality by pushing really hard in life with mundane and magick pursuits and get what you want.

If you don’t really want anything, either you are enlightened or depressed.

So what do you do? Nothing. Nothing at all. Where’s the emergency? You in a rush?

In time something will interest you and you can chase after it … or not.