The protection of King Belial

I am Interested to know if others experience the protection of King Belial in a similar way to myself?

It has happened too many times to be coincidental that people who try and hurt me end up all screwed up health wise. I mean REALLY hurt me,not just mildly…

One died of a bowel blockage, another had a burst bowel and sepsis and so on…mainly bowel issues for some reason??

I have asked him and I heard a distinct laugh. I adore the King and wondered if others have this happen when they closely align themselves with Belial or maybe another Demon?


Prince Orobas has looked out for me for a long time now! He hasn’t hurt anyone(that I’m aware of) in his protection of me but instead has helped navigate an array of terrible situations to my advantage!

I shall keep an eye out for any of these occurrences as a work with and strengthen my relationship with King Belial!

Peace and love to you!