The Primordial Abundance Of Mighty Jupiter

Hi, I was wondering about a spell in the Anthology of Sorcery volume 3 called the primordial abundance of Jupiter. It says in the list of implements that I need a 3 five dollar bills and 5 quarters among other things, but does it have to be US currency or can I use Swedish currency? Has anyone had success using their own currency? And it says I need money drawing oil but it does not say which one so which one will work? Just anyone or a specific one? How do i know the oil is a money drawing oil?

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Your own currency should be fine, if your really worried about it you could ask jd temple about it on the comments section or message hom about it. He is in the states so he used US currency to make it.

Any money drawing oil should be fine, when you go to buy it, it will usually be a variant of “Money oil”

Lucky mojo sells some that works well as well as uncle birchs shop “the sacred grove” and many other places.


Thank you, where can I contact him?

You should be able to message him on youtube or facebook. I don’t know what kind of schedule he keeps so i dunno jlhow fast you’d get a reply.

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