The primodial abundance of jupiter misunderstood

So i have recently done the The primordial abundance of might jupiter spell from the sorcery of anthology vol 3 and i believe i may have done it wrong or there is something i may be doing wrong afterwards. Ive done the ritual and the next day i received 400 dollars more than i was supposed to receive from some one who owed me money. Needless to say i was shocked by how fast it work. But since then i have been having constant trouble also the people that accompanied me in the ritual are receiveing the same trouble as well. I watched a video recently and j.d temple mentioned that he does a daily ritual with the sigil. In the book it says to put your letter of intent away in a safe place but nothing about aftercare work. Is there something i missed?


You may want to explain what you did that you didn’t think was quite right. It may help those that have done it troubleshoot.

There is the chance that doing the ritual attracted the attention of some ankle biter pests, so look for a banishing ritual.

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Just did my intro post thank you

I followed the ritual to the letter and let the candle burn out over night. The next morning i couldnt even go near the alter from the smell of the oil and energy from it. My wife burned some sweetgrass in the room and we had to leave to help a friend move. When i returned home i took the wax covered letter and sigil and placed them in a box for safe keeping the box is currently sitting in my closet

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I have used that ritual 3 times now being the proud owner of anthology 3 It’s one of my favorite magick books I don’t consider that I am very powerful at what i do I’ve only been dealing with magick for about 4 years but every time someone has owed me money that pissed me off I have gone to the Jupiter ritual for help JD seemed to be saying that the effects of it lasts a long time I have not found that though but the longest I have had to wait for money owed to me after doing the ritual is 10 days the quickest was three days Happy magick Herbie

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