The Prime Infernal Dragon of Darkness {Hymn To Satan}

There was Silence
And then the First Sound echoed through the Void…
The Roar of The Dragon

From the distance, the first glimmer of Light could be seen
Which was the First Emanation,
The Fire of The Dragons Breath

A scale caused movement among the planes and Void
And the World’s formed from nothingness,
The Skin of The Dragon

Through battle and Warfare the Skin of the Dragon was cut and
Nothingness began to leak it’s noxious, fiery gases,
Which is The Blood of The Dragon

Containing Darkness, terror, and Power
Blood dripped upon the surface of the world’s turning them to Ash except Earth,
Which Is the Land of The Dragon.

The Prime Dragon saw the ground and potential of Earth and rushed his wings through it, slicing it and leaving marks
Which now are known as the Lines of The Dragon

The blood of The Dragon flowed through these lines and melded with the Clayborn dirt, thus creating Man, and Demon.

Hail to The Prime Infernal Dragon
The Dragon of Darkness
He who wields the Trident of Hellfire And Destruction
Whose voice is like Sound, piercing all that hear it

Let the Dragons Roar Pierce the Eardrums
Of my Enemies
And let his breath scorch them
No sword shall Pierce it’s Heart
For Nothingness is it’s heart

Tasa Reme Laris Satan!