The presence of Sitri

In my last relationship, I was dating a boy who only wanted sex with me. He didn’t love me (he is a narcissistic liar). I have a strong character and he wanted a submissive woman. So, King Paimon changed my mind and made me forget him in the same week. Also Lucifer is helping me nowadays.

During that relationship, I met a man who I felt a real connection with (maybe was just my fantasy, idk). I saw him twice in my entire life, but he showed up on my dreams so often even when I was dating the other dude.

In March, I bought something from his online shop. THAT EXACT SAME DAY, he followed me back on my instagram with his anonymous account. For no real reason. I think he saw my gmail on his orders, and he typed my account later so he could follow me. We don’t talk at all and I’m not supposed to know that’s his anonymous account. But I know it because I’m a fucking stalker lol

Anyway, I think I’m only thirsty for him. In another situation, I would have been with so many dudes not giving a fuck. But I’m alone. Something is telling me to be patient. The way this dude started following was so random and happened in a impossible way for me to think it was a coincidence. That’s why I have the feeling to be patient and let things flow.

And this is where I think Sitri showed up. I’m an artist, so I was drawing a naked lady with a helmet of a goat skull, and a book between her legs. The book has the sigil of Sitri on the cover and I was listening to his enn during the drawing. Is not finished yet but I published the linework on my art account.

I did not asked Sitri anything, even though I started feeling more guys thirsty about me. I personally feel more sexual and confident, also prettier. And yesterday I was talking with an old friend. I always knew he wanted sex with me, but this time, he was more overemotional. He asked me if I like him, because apparently I drive him crazy from a long time ago, and he said he would like to take care of me.

I don’t know. They came at the same time, and that affective way of my friend talking to me is just weird. He was never like that with me before.

Might be this Sitri’s presence? Like I said, I did not ask for anything. I only published a drawing with his sigil on it.

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That could very well have been Sitri himself having a direct impact on your life right now, or an indirect impact via energy. I would think perhaps the latter. You don’t really need to evoke him for him to have an impact. You were working on a piece of artwork, which included his sigil - I would assume that with enough concentration and a certain mental headspace, you could have very well charged/opened/etc Sitri’s sigil. Which might be the reason your noticing, what you are recently.

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Yeah the love stories created through Sitri are very spicy but with a special touch of complexity. The weardest sex and friendships ever! Sitri is awesome and boring will be just a word in the dictionary :wink:

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It really surprised me. Also during these days, I found more guys flirting with me. I am glad haha

I wonder if it will work with other people who sees my artwork or it is just a personal “gift” for drawing this piece.

I gotta check out how it works. Wish this lasts long hahah