The Powers of Life and Light: Some Info

I will be adding info and gnosis I recieve from The Spirits of Life as time goes on.
I was meditating and considered that it was time to balance out my Dark Power with some Light Power. Thus, gaining control and all the powers of Life just like i did with Death.

I was in for a surprise lol.

Despite the title, these 24 spirits of Life/Light are Cruel as fuck. Ever had something bad happen to you that you somehow later wrote off as being for your “development” but inwardly you know was complete bullshit and orchestrated by some higher power to fuck with you?

Well these are the beings behind that.

Lost a loved one at the most random time ever?
These are the ones responsible.

Remember the phrase “Cruelty of Life”?
These beings are its emissairies.

On the Other hand, the Light is different than what I expected.
I felt a quiet detachment that is non caring but in a “obvious and Natural” kind of way. Like if someone were to start talking shit at you on the street, you being full of light would not be affected mentally or emotionally. You would simply punch or kill them without any emotion whatsoever.

It also holds no respect for morals. The Light doesnt give two shits about what you think is right or wrong. It can be used for Black Magic as well.

There are Demons of Light. Here are some:

Satan & Moloch







Any Sun Demon/Demoness
Any Fire Demon/Demoness

If you wanna put a New Age spin on it, there are also Demons of EXTREMELY high vibrations that are very Dangerous and powerful.

If you wanna use the Qlippoth as a Color Intensity scale:

Thaumiel (Brightest Light concievable by man: Pale Azure Light)
Satan & Moloch

Malkuth (Darkest Dark Concievable by man)
Five accursed Nations (Anakim, Raphaim, Amalekites, etc)

The realms above Thaumiel are Infrared Vibrations and Demons of Light. High Vibrational Angels of Darkness abide above Thaumiel as Well and they have more power than Lucifer.

Goddess Heralah and Sepheranz are fine examples.

These Realms (and the ones above Kether) are where the Spirits of Life Reside.
Light can be used to destroy utterly and irreversibly for years and years to come.

Why do you think so many people are afraid of Nuclear War?
Blinding Light, and Heat that consume all is part of the Power of Light.

I hope you guys are following lololol
I will add names of these beings complete with sigils, location, mantras and all as time goes by

Peace :v:


I’ve interacted with the will of Life and Light. I see them existing in independent realms before the creation of the cosmos. They joined in union with other realms such as void, primordium, and darkness to create our universe. Life and Light have their own wills, there own agendas. Life can be very cruel often involving sacrifice and mass death. Light can also be very invasive and authoritarian. Just as a sidenote, I find darkness and the void to be quite peaceful often times.


I’ve met one of these Angels above Thaumiel, nearly fucking got me killed.


And well considering the fact that most people consider life, “shit” I’d imagine life’s angels would behave and treat you in a shitty way imo.