The power to uncreate

I was at a computer shop, because as im in the middle of purchasing computer components so i can build a high end gaming pc to save myself money, si i was in the computer shop browsing and i was looking at i9 9900K CPUs which were in those ball shaped blue colored boxes with flat side, as i was looking at them there were 2 on the shelf as i was starting to gaze at those 2 i9 9900K CPU i was noticing the solid boxes were starting to go a transparent texure i could start to see though the 2 boxes like looking though glass like they were fading away as i stopped gazing the 2 i9 9900K CPU boxes become more solid, then the shop keeper came out, i starting to ask about those he told me he wouldn’t sell those to me there not for you, o i go get mine at Scorptec, im thinking purchase a AMD 2990WX TR4 oh that will be okay, i asked im thinking of purchase a corsair Dominator platinum DDR4 3466 64GB ram shop keeper say you dont want to go more than 3200 on ram speed as it will become unstable, i will confiscate if you purchase those o how rudd, i was watching a Linus tech tips YouTube showing DDR4 3466 and with AMD 2990WX TR4 32 core bench marks and they performance was very good 32 core CPU 128GB DDR4 3466 rams, so i had a good gazing around shop, than i heard a voice in my subconse saying leave shop so i say thank-you everyone staff was friendly goodbye, i left so i went back to support worker car she asked all okay helpful year they build for me as we drove off, drove pass i heard computer shop keeper starting cracked up everything has vanish im ruined all my computer stock gone empty shelves, o well that is what happens shop keeper threaten to confiscate those rams, yes punish computer shop, i didn’t know i can uncreate.