The Power of our desires

ok folks a experience that i wanted to share happened today, coincidence or not here we go; 4 days ago
i wanted to buy a mouse pad that i terribly falled in love with, the mouse pad has an anime picture on it and a butt coming out of the mouse pad, but i was lacking of money to buy one of these things i was wishing it so harrd but i need to work the whole week and with the 3/4 of the money i can buy it.

ok so i started to imagine my self finding money on a wallet (never ever has happened), the place where i find it must me in a rich area and the wallet must be beautiful, im going to take it and get the damn money and buy everything that i need.

A friend of mine invited me to travel to another state with him because of work today, i accept it, we went to another state and the first area that we arrived i was waiting for him outside of a house and i was thinking: where is mah fucking money! where is mah fucking money! i must find a wallet with money! i dont know how but i must to!, ok he got out of the place we arrived and we were moving on to another place, we got out of the car and we were walking down a terrible street and there was a pile of trash, stinky and nasty asf
my friend stop the walk and he told me: “look a wallet on the floor, you grab it!” i looked the wallet and was deplorable and old the wallet was next to a pile of trash, me inside of me: “what? im not touching that thing, move on, i want to get the fuck outta here” he “ok let me grab it” he took the fucking wallet and open it just for curiosity and was full of fucking moneyyyyy, no ids no cards of any sort just moneyyy that is equal to 7 days of work on a well paid job, minutes before he was showing me his money a lot of cash and now he has the money that belongs to me! -_-


lol! should have acted sooner before when i was working on a fire we were going through peoples bags (they left already and werent going to fly back to get them) my buddy found a knife so im sitting theri “King Paimon i want a knife too”

next thing i knew a bag was reflecting into my eye and i just knew he did as i asked i picked it up looked through and low and behold a 120$ knife i was so extatic