The Power of Children's Imagination

So I want to discuss a topic that I have a personal attachment to. That being the power of a childs imagination. I personally recall being able to actually see my “imaginary friends”. My “friends” were characters from a game. This has always been a interesting memory of mind, and it is a power that I wish I still had. But what I wonder is, was there any magick to it? Are imaginary friends actually thoughtforms that children create and are able to see due to their youth? It’s talked about that children are typically more receptive to the supernatural. And what I also wonder is, is the power regainable? Can I once more see things that aren’t there via sheer imagination? Or is this all wishful thinking and looking too deep at childhood experiences?


Self-bump because I think this could be a good thread

I’m convinced children are more in tuned to psychic abilities for 2 reasons.
1.) Their pineal glands haven’t been calcified yet by years of toxins we put into our bodies.
2.) They haven’t been completely gone through years of materialist indoctrination yet telling them what is “real” and what is “imaginary”.

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@snortoncat yeah you can see more as a child because you mind isn’t clogged with society’s crap rules that certain things don’t exist ect. I remember seeing fae beings when I was younger.


I agree, I was definitely an interesting child.

Kinda sucks that society does that to kids…

Shit man. When I and my brother were kids we used to talk to our posters. Makes me wonder now in hindsight if I was actually talking to something.

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which has nothing to do with psychic abilities.

However, a child is more intune with their imagination and often times the imagination like many chaos magicians use make use in creating egregores and thoughtforms and such.

But I would not go as far to follow the fad of “children are more psychic cause theyre children” ideologies, many children do not experience anything psychic related, psychic awareness isn’t based on pure conditioning or the idea of the pineal gland, quite a few factors go into it.


i can still sometimes feel like i see the images on mine moving