The Perfect Revenge Spell?

So, I was with this guy for a few years now. He did all kind of crap to me but I was so stupid and “in love” that I just went with it… About a year ago I started to break whatever kind of demonic enslavement spell he had me in, but still stayed with him.

In March we broke up and immediately I started a physical relationship with someone I really liked and later on I felt in love with him. The terrible part? My ex considered him his best friend (tho this was not reciprocated), also they were in a band together. When my ex found he when mad and said that I left him because this other guy had money, bla bla… Although he really knew I was fed up with him looooooong before that.

Idk if it’s because a few years back my period came RIGHT the moment when he was performing oral sex to me but this guy is a psycho ok? he’s sooo fucking obsessed with me… and there’s nothing I can do to unbind him from me.

Whatever… The point is that his friend and I broke up but I remained loving him and my ex he couldnt take it he couldnt understand how I didnt want to return to him after breaking up with this awesome guy whom I love and never did me wrong. Soooo… I’m a dancer… and I have duo project with my mentor’s daughter… After WEEEKS of not talking to the son of a bitch I found out he’s been SEDUCING my dance partner… WHO HAPPENS TO BE A MINOR. HE FOUND THE F*** G PERFECT REVENGE.

THIS not only caused me troubles with my teacher, but now I feel like I was robbed. I don’t love that asshole anymore but I feel so betrayed by my friend and mocked by both of them… I don’t even want to dance with her anymore and that was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME cause the core of our dance project is magick and invocations.

He even admited to her mom, after her thretening him with charging him for pedophulia, that he was only doing that because he still loves me. Now everybody is angy. My teacher don’t trust me, i don’t trust my partner, she’s scared because she knows this is affecting our project, but shes also hearbroken because SHE THINKS HE LIKED HER when in reality is this damn obsession he has.

I want to get revenge for him doing this to me. last night i performed some simple hoodoo ritual. NO I WANT HIM TO STAY MORE OBSESSED WITH ME but never again being able to see me or come close to my life…

I still want to do something kind of extreme so he feels desperate and sorry and never think to mess up with me again.

what do you suggest?

What would you do?

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Invoke a demon ask the demon To create you your own personal bad luck spell.
Make the crime fit what he did don’t over react.

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