The Pendulum Swing

So a few moments ago, I was feeling depressed/sad concerning my life/existence. I find that when I am like that, names of various entities come to mind at one time. For example, Shiva, Jesus, Azazel, Lilith(woah,just felt something as I typed her name),and others. Could they be trying to all help me at one time to get out of that hole? And yes, I thought of evoking them and asking for myself, but I don’t want to do that then find out it was my mind playing tricks on me then Im in a fucked up situation lol.

The feeling comes and goes. It’s like my mind is a pendulum. When it swings to the left it asks “Am I fucking up my life just by existing?”; when it swings to the right it yells out with enthusiasm and a certain sense of knowing “MY LIFE IS ASCENDING!!”.

So is all this just some trick or phase I’m going through? Or what?


I think you need how to ground your energies. Focusing more on the other side of things that you are interested in.


one way of grounding your body I do this a lot it works for me start from your head and use you hands push the negative energy from your brain and your body to the ground or earth it works better out side that is one I uses at the moment hope it helps :slight_smile:


Think of the fucked up part as growing pains, it’s hard but there certain things you will need to let go off, it’s hard in begining, because you are so attached to it you think you need it, but in reality your holding on to bagage that you don’t really need anymore.

So maybe start looking into doing some clearing out or shadow work. Going into it and facing the things that are no longer true about yourself and clearing out!!


Just a tip. When the sacred names of entities such as Lilith come up, acknowledge them. Perhaps send some “I love you and in aww of you”, or a “thank you” vibe out into the void and really try to be sincere. Pretend they are right there, but that you don’t want to be a bother or keep them there. Its just honoring spirits by acknowledging them and at the same time, tuning yourself. A passing nod. It helps keep grounded in eternity and this crazy ass world we live in. Helps with not being clobbered by the pendulum swing.

That pendulum swing is very natural. The hermetic principle of rhythm is at play. It is possible to raise or lower your perspective and not be affected as much by it.

–> Hermetic principles FTW.

Trust yourself.


Thanks guys :smiley: