The Pactmaker

I normally refrain from posting some of the crazy stuff because, what if, ya know? But this series of events has to be in my top 3 craziest in my lifetime.

As most of you know I am soon to be returning home from Spain. A short while ago, I had a string of incidents cause me to reach out Lucifuge Rofocale because I needed enforcement of the terms of a deal I have made. He referred me to Alastor, who, though known as The Executioner (Lucifuge said, "You need The Executioner, Alastor) So I ask Lucifuge to provide an introduction, which he does. I gave my case to Alastor, and he, essentially rattled the other paryt’s cage and roughed him up a bit through and assault on his person. While this is happening I am going about my business and out of the blue, (This is not a normal thing to happen to me ever) in a major shift in the way this trip has been going in this manner, I am being offered marijuana, cocaine, sex, all while just walking down the street. I like to let the events of my life illustrate to me the energies I am tapping, so then I do a bit more research and discover that Lucifuge is known as a demon of excess (AKA sex, drugs). As an aside, he really likes Panic At the Disco’s “Dont Threaten Me With a Good Time”, my shuffled digital music list somehow got stuck on repeat without it being touched.

My partner who knows I practice magick, but was not a believer that it could do anything, contacts me explaining that it was all a misunderstanding and then when I discuss this with him he challenges me and Lucifuge to give him three signs (I swear I heard a bass rumble of a laugh and the phrase, “Challenge accepted”). The first he asks for is that he wants a hooker to approach me and offer her services for way below the areas current avg. The second he keeps to himself until it happens because it would be the blind study, and the third was an offer of drugs way below the normal market price. We are walking back to my Hostel, and, in broad daylight, a streetwalker sitting half way across public hollers out in spanish (which I cannot understand) describing me and offering her services for way under what the going rate for one who looked like her would normally charge. My friend offers to take her up on it, and she refuses him at the lower price, lmao. The second sign was he wanted me to point out the 4:20 reference via a clock, which he kept to himself until after what happened. We are riding in a cab and having a discussion, when I stop mid sentence and ask him what time it is. He looks at his watch and it says: 4:20. The third took another day to happen, but Lucifuge did not disappoint. We were walking down a street in His home town and a guy sitting in front of a closed store (it was only maybe 1 hour and a half ago) calls out to us. As he goes over to him, the guys Lady friend comes over to me and offers to suck my cock, right there, no charge. I declined because that was not the nature of the exercise. The guy then offers to give my friend 50 euros of weed for 5 euro. He took him up on it, and before handing him the weed, he says, almost as if in a trance, “You don’t work for Jehova do you?” My friend was speechless and the guy started to pull back the weed. I spoke up and “No. No he does not.” The guy gave me this knowing smile and handed over the weed to my friend. We walked around the block and when we came back the guy and his friends were gone. It wasn’t more than a ten min to walk around the block.

Say what you will about this story but I wouldn’t post it if it hadn’t happened and been so mind blowing. Asked for 3 signs; got a fourth free.


I have a hunch that this testament has been buried due to the dearth of comments. I was asked to keep it un buried for three days.


Hmm. Is it just me or this forum getting a ton of Lucifuge related poats these past days? Awesome experience btw.


It was definitely different than I am used to, that is for sure. Very over the top; hard to believe even when I was there. It was almost surreal.