The Overzealous Zanda (apostle of Ahriman)


Hey you’re like the part of all of us that thinks of this (IMO, and btw to be deadly clear, not speaking as a “Moderator” here or whatever) - you see “Cleanse your ritual space of bugs” and you’re like “Where can I find a gold-plated ant-eater??!1!!” - I think you make things harder for yourself than necessary! :wink:

But that is also what many of us do, amirite?

(Yes, on this. NOT everything. But this, I am solid on.)

Bowling270, from what you’ve shared, you’re a bit of a nutter - and that’s JUST FINE. :sunglasses:

Be cray-cray, have issues - who doesn’t.

Yeah I’m just basically ranting now but just wanted to say, you might get called on your shit, but it’s YOUR shit, and you’re still taking leaps 99.99999% of the utter fear-filled useless cunts upon our lovely “world” will never take. :wink:

Shutting up naow… :smile_cat:


Kurtis im using some initiative now, Ebay website i put compass, Large black charcoal urn, Charcoal burner, box of Charcoal disc 8 packages of 10, i will purchase from the Balg catalogue where i purchase black magic of Ahriman the counter creation talisman depending on how many are there until i have $263 Australian dollars saved + $20 shipping it will be about September, the reason i added a military compass so i can put urn true magnetic north, ebay stuff free shipping, so there you go Bobs your uncle.:thumbsup:


Lol! @Bowling270 I am just toying with you. I suppose I do always seem INSANELY SERIOUS. It was just a fun way of saying you do not have to let your flesh catch fire and the bones in your hand turn to embers. @Timothy has a specific meme he uses to make fun of me regarding my insane seriousness. Trust me bro I molded and cast in love… until I absolutely snap. That does occur and then people think I am either black out drunk or demon possessed. Sometimes the latter is true, sometimes I am just having an asshole moment. :wink:


Kurtis i was wondering, i all ready inquire with the help desk, okay i all ready in possession of black magic of Ahriman, i am serious in purchase circle of counter - creation talisman for $199 i clicked on add to cart will it stay in cart until i pay for it in 6 weeks time, i did get a email back from Balg support. I think it would be very important in decending the Hell realms.:rolling_eyes:


Interesting. Very different from mixing metal with meat. A lot safer and cheaper too for the operator. How quickly can the Scythe bearer cut the cords to life and how long does it take the victim to die? Is the Scythe bearer the main priest dude, the San la Muerte entity, or just any initiate competent enough to perform the rite? Does time of death vary or are the curses being thrown so powerful that nearly anyone succumbs to them? Also, the concept of the faith of the clientele being the main powerhouse behind the ritual as opposed to hampering its process by them bringing the cursed victim into consideration is fascinating. From my experience, waiting around and wondering when the victim will die simply prolongs the victim’s life. This usually results in more mundane and physical approaches being necessary to meet the deadline. Furthermore, the concept of the clientele waiting around patiently for the victim to die instead of wanting them dead as soon as possible is new to me. I suppose people in Argentina could be more patient than others in different parts of the world, but most people who are wealthy enough to hire a wet-works specialist are usually accustomed to immediate gratification. Can you expand upon the technicalities of this baneful art? As a life long student of mixed martial arts and combatives it fascinates me.


Usual notice that I don’t work for BALG or have any involvement in their business, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any e-commerce site where the basket reserves an item, because people get that far then drop out, or change their minds, or whatever, so I strongly doubt that myself, but that’s just my opinion as someone who shops online.

Baskets that do reserve items usually have a time limit set, for example if you book online gorcery delivery in the UK, one “product” you also add is the delivery time-slot, and that will usually be reserved for like 1 or 2 hours max, and if you fail to checkout and complete payment then you lose the slot because those are in limited supply.

I don’t know much about that product and don’t have time to dig around but if it’s limited edition, it probably won’t be reserved for you - but yeah, the help desk are the final authority on this obviously, just weighing in with other examples in case that helps.

Business proposal

Yes I believe @Lady_Eva is correct regarding this.


Unfortunately I cannot reveal technicalities. What I will say is that the working mechanics are similar to Quimbanda except San La Muerte is the only focus. Also death is always very close to us all. It is one spirit we will all face. He is evoking us all waiting for us to hear his conjuration. All I do is open the targets ears.
I am blessed in that I have been a part of many lodges. The first rites I ever performed where geared toward bringing forth the right teachers. Sometimes they are human, sometimes not.


@KurtisJoseph Would you happen to have an opinion on the book Liber Falxifer, which is centered around San La Muerte? Do you recognize its contained practices as legitimate or similar to what you were taught?


Regarding faith… It is not sitting around wondering when the target will perish. It is knowing they are already gone. Baneful work is divined to be sure it is just. So are rites of healing and everything else under the sun. I don’t do any of that. Senor Pablo does. I just get the case file, do the work and take my cut. The idol gets a percentage of my cut as well. Successful rites are rewarded with feasts dedicated to Dark Death, roses and liquor, expensive cigars and jewelry along with sacrifice. There is much to it. It’s not always bloody work, but I usually make it that way because it works.


@XxMxX… It is “similar” in regard to style of work. It is not similar in that there is no connection to Qayin. I tried the 182 thing but the anticosmic thing was not for me. I often make fetishes for those in that current but do not “connect” with it.


I actually respect the practitioners and the current. I mean Qayin ties the Qlippothic work of 218 to the folk magick and necromancy of 182 in an ingenius way and the Gnostic approach is gorgeous though very nihilistic.


@KurtisJoseph when he explains his views on magick. :grin:


What do you mean by anti-cosmic? Is Qayin more of an empowering archetype or is he a reaper-type entity?


Both. Look…people need to look deeper into the symbolism within lore. Qayin is the first killer. He is a rebel who planted the seeds of Babylon and those that came after him were the creators of civilization as we know it today. Is that not empowering? Those who came after him threatened the power of God himself by building the very tower which reached toward the very celestial throne of the tyrant God of false light. A reaper? Why not? It is a symbol of casting off the limits of the flesh to reveal the inner being without fear. The scyth represents the feminine destructive nature which cuts down the weeds of limitation to make way for new growth and the weapon wielded against all that stands in the way of becoming.


So how many circle of counter - creation talisman are available all together, Is there one to every copy of black magic of Ahriman, i looked at balg catalogue i can buy circle of counter - creation talisman separately so that is a good thing, do i have to rush to buy before they all sell out, i thought about September or November to buy one, hoping they all don’t sell out, thank you.:slight_smile:


It is limited yes. The talisman is more for low magick/sorcery. These ones are hand crafted for each owner and consecrated. Unfortunately BALG could not produce them because of cost and time needed to create them.

This specific pendant is worn to pull in the light of creation to fuel the subtle energy bodies and raise the Kunda Force.


The first book of Falxifer gives the main working praxis. You will never access the Holy bride of Qayin without having his essence seated within a fetish upon your altar for atleast two years. It is a current of devotion. Weekly offerings are made. Don’t make them and bad shit occurs. The second and third books are both useless to you at this time. If you want I can prepare a fetish for you… but it is costly. In all honesty it is very potent if you do it yourself but many complain about the complexity of the ablution rite and baptism of the fetish. Animal sacrifice is the key component.


Thank you for the info. At this point point I’m torn between going to Azrael as presented in the Necromantic Sorcery book or trying to gain initiation in the Qayinic current.


I purchased the Black Book of Ahriman, and I recently was able to purchase the talisman of counter creation. I have not finished the book yet but I do find it interesting. At the moment I am curious about the talisman of counter creation because it is black and not the color of the one pictured with the book. I do not know if the color for all of them are black or only the ones that are bought separately from the book. If anyone can clarify this that would be great.