The Osiris Lie and the Right God Called Set

I have been having dreams being drawn to the fact Osiris is a liar. Set was ALWAYS the rightful ruler of Kemet. I wonder if Set is coming to anyone else here too?

He was always someone I avoid, but he is not the Satan of Kemet but its true ruler.


Yeap, that’s true.

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Maybe. Far more likely that the Khemetic myths were an oral account of an astronomical phenomenon that occurred, or a natural disaster. Thousands of years and mistaken interpretations later we think this was some kind of war between gods. IMO this applies to most of their deities. Sekhmet’s rage is possibly an account of an ancient nuclear disaster or similar. Maybe an asteroid hit. Who knows?

I honestly feel that despite their power, most Khemetic deities are the product of humans’ collective consciousness or an embodied archetype.

In other words, I do not think the stories should be taken literally. If I did that, then I should probably be worried about some sky fairy passing judgement on me when I eventually die…but I’m not, lol…


What about this THOTH god?

Different god’s different goddesses, different names, yet there seems to be two that stands outside the box, not bound like demons or angels, to specific vibration, needs, vocational servants, free will they were given! The Ying and Yang! One depending on the other, night and day, right and wrong,
Lilith, maat etc
Thoth, Odin etc
Free will given to them, to decide what they do…
Bound by no laws, or to bow to anything. Even the maker himself…
But yet they decided to keep the scales balanced, people who walk both paths, are treated the same, and prayers answered. At the end all will be judged…so they say.

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Maat is more of a concept than an actual deity. However, it’s frequently represented in artwork as a winged woman similar to Isis, hence where people get confused.


You are right she is a concept, so is Thoth. A concept is an idea a mixture of everything, no matter what religion or belief a concept is universal, and can be experienced by all, without the shackles of religion or belief…all can relate… neither left or right.

Noooo Thoth is an actual god.

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Thoth was not born by any god, he created himself, a concept taking form…


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I usualy listen to the egyptian book of the dead or coming forth by day its audio version . In this book story of egyptian gods is revealed . It s a magical book and has very powerfull incantation.