The One True God!

First off I want to thank E.A. for the wonderful body of work he has put together. The information but more importantly the format is truly revolutionary. He has saved beginning practitioners years of research and experimentation. He is a true teacher and we are all lucky to have access to his knowledge. May he bring forth a new era of enlightenment.

God flows through each and every one of us. We are all fragments of the greater imagination. As humans we like to compartmentalized and dived things. Separate one thing from another. It is not until we realize that we were not made like god but we are god that we understand our true potential. All the demons, angels, sprits and everything flow from the same source. Like a river splitting into different branches and flowing back into the ocean. Those same currents flow through each and every one of us.

Modern religion has us to believe that these currents are divided. Good and evil, God and the Devil. But without one the other could not exist. Without light there is no dark and without evil there is no good. They all work perfect balance flowing from the same divine intelligence. They are not separate but are the same. It is only by our own observations that we create the perverse duality. We cannot accept the reality that god is the devil and the devil is god. So we continue failing to see the purity in that statement and ourselves.

Our souls are made from these same two currents coming from the same divine source. We are all literally gods in the flesh from the day we were born. Unlike demons and angels who are only made up of this current we were also imparted with intellect. The choice to master these currents or let them master us and walk our own path of existence. Will is a product of intellect ruling over these two currents. Commanding them to conform to our darkest desires and confronting our deepest fears. Just as god balances these currents so we must strive to do.

How can we ever expect to command legions of demons or angels if we cannot command ourselves? For we are both god and the devil wrapped in flesh, bone and blood. Self-mastery is the first step to true godhood and unlimited power. Without it everything that E.A. has shown you is merely a bag of tricks that should not be played with by weak little children. You may feel the need to run back to what you have learned through modern religion and suppress one of those currents. There is no mastery through suppression only weakness, denial and fear. You must learn to embraced them both and balance them into perfect unity.

I know most of you have read E.A’s Book of Azazel as I see it is discussed in these forums quite frequently. But I think most of you have decided to overlook the most important piece of information which is STRENGTHEN YOURSELF. The body, mind and spirit. Maybe that message was so clear to me as I was told a similar message from a different entity. Just as E.A. did so did I and so must you. Uplift yourself for you are the one true god!