The occult

So I was thinking about joining the occult but being that I am just now being aloud to study and practice Satanism, I really don’t know how. can anybody in the occult or otherwise help?

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Occult means “hidden knowledge”, you don’t really join it as such, its just an area of study.
Here’s a link to some recs to get you started


ok thank you

Perhaps study some theory to discover what you are drawn to. Also, some light reading on various traditions might help. Works by Agrippa and nearly everything to do with Hermetics are what I would start with if I were to go back and begin again. The Kybalion is another great work. I honestly do not suggest taking too much stock in Crowley, though. Some good ideas, but his string of thinking and philosophy ultimately destroyed him, so from an pathworking perspective his work was garbage.

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ok thanks

You can get an ebook version of the Kybalion for free or The Emerald Tablet and The Kybalion on amazon for 3 bucks.

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