The occult is not literal, meaning of heaven and hell

I see many people getting confused over termonology. “X group claims this which counters the claims of X spirit”

This happens because of language. If you have ever learned another language, especially one very different from your mother tongue, you will understand that languages do not translate literally. In fact, your way of thinking changes when you assimilate a new language for long enough. (Neuroplasticity)

They are trying to explain ideas through our language. This can cause a lot of misunderstandings. For example why Angels and Demons both refer to places like heaven and hell, and then claim there is no heaven nor hell. This is allegorical. Similar to crossing the abyss. It is a state of being and manifesting.

Heaven is ignorant bliss. When you fall from it, you face reality, you face yourself(the things you try to deny), and you see the world for what it is, good and bad. You are thus plunged into darkness. The world doesnt make sense anymore. Your preconceived notions are crumbling and your seeing what is rather than your childhood fantasies drilled into you through indoctrination.

This brings us to hell, the state of self deprecation. Often fueled by guilt of our own actions, we unconciously punish ourselves. This also happens when you fall from ignorance. Because you are noticing all the bad things about yourself that you had been ignoring.

This is what is meant by lucifer falling from heaven, he fell from ignorance. Embraced the truth, accepted the truth, and became a master of it. He became illuminated he realized the bad isnt bad, it just is and should be appreciated for its role. Likewise, the good is not separate from the bad, but the two exist in tandom like heads and tails to a coin. Without the percieved “bad” there is no juxtaposition to the percieved “good”.

Hopefully this helps some people starting out who have become confused due to the contradictions of these allegorical ideas being used in our language.

Best of luck :pray: