The Occult in Fiction (Group Project)

So I’m a Fiction Writer. Its a passion of mine and I want to do it for a living.
The one thing I want to do in almost all of my writings is to put real occult themes and practices in them. A lot of people I know got interested in Witchcraft and the Occult because of fiction. I want to make sure it’s wonderful.

So because I’m still working on my senses, and communicating with spirits, etc. I wanted to ask for some help. Some people to get insight from entities, get things from divination, give me experiences from astral projection and soul travel.

Things like that, If you’re interested please comment and if you have any questions please ask, I’ll explain whatever and answer any concerns.

Another note: Everyone who helps will have some sort of shoutout in the book, your names as characters, etc.


Is there a specific theme you want to write about, like spirits, vampires, witches, etc.?

Depends on the first book, I want to start with spirits maybe Lovecraftian spirits? Still wanting to talk it through with people who are interested.

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I’m no expert on Lovecraft, but have read some a long time ago. I don’t think I can be much help, but would like to give your book a read, when you write it. Good vibes to you, from one writer to another!

Ive been wanting to do this myself, I’m glad you’re doing it

Would you like to help out? I’ve liked our conversations

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I can contribute what I know if I know anything of course.

Sounds fun

Would you like to help out?

Awesome Thank You!


Awesome! I’ll probably make a PM group for it. Is that okay with everyone? @Tattersail @Mapachtli

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Cool well I’d like be a bad ass gun toting sorta steampunkie slash alacard form Van Helsing lol so ask away

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Awesome would you like to help out?

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Sure what need help on

We have a group, if you want us to add you


id love to give it a try :slight_smile:
Feel free to add me.

added you!