The "O" Method

Hey guys! I’m currently trying to get back with my stubborn ex. I have seen personally from an in law where she made both romantic and family members be obsessed with her through her fluids. I have currently masturbated to an orgasm while speaking what I want my ex to do and put my juices in his red wine along with my saliva. I seen a post on here about a manifestation video on YouTube so I’m going to try that later as well and put it into more of his drinks. Wish me luck guys!


I definitely do not recommend this. I have experienced how obsessive this can make someone and it’s a bond for years. I did this unknowing I was doing it. The results where crazy and was only able to remove it by using more magick… I’m not even sure if I removed it or if I simply managed to send my ex to another city.

I’d try something gentler such as asking a demon to help me o some drunk jars.

At one point, you have to understand that if the person doesn’t want to be with you, it doesn’t mean is stubborn…
We become the stubborn ones when we don’t get the signs. If out magick doesn’t work on someone is because either our guardias don’t allow it or there’s no path that you can follow for it to happen .

Oooor maybe you just have to give it time.


Thank you for response. Would you say it’s the fluids that they intake that make them obsessed? Would you cancel out the orgasm manifesting as well?

Could you tell me more about drunk jars? Does it work like a honey jars?

I will definitely take caution again, thank you

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I’m saying that shit can hit the fan like for real. I would not try menstrual blood, not even sex during my period. That’s for sure a rule that I have cuz my personal experience was CRAZY! It ended up with police officers and suing and all that.

However I’m curious on how your sister on law does it. If you could share?

Lady Avi from Hood Delish has several videos on YouTube about drink jars. I do recommend her videos. She’s on YouTube as Hoodoo Delish. I’m not sure I can post links to her videos here.

If you are patient, you could try the apple spell but for me that required about 3 months to succeed maybe less or longer for you idk. You’d need to be patient.

Another thing that people must understand is that stubborn targets are stubborn for a reason… Your spell might be working, bit it doesn’t matter how much magick you throw at them… even if they’re obsessed about you, they’ll just fight it and spend their whole lives thinking about you but never reaching out.

In any case, you could also try the 21 candle work and prayer to Santa Marta or St Cipriano.


Personally, Id work on fixing what broke the relationship in the first place before jumping to obsession spells. For example, say you had poor communication or something, use a spell to fix that and then one to reconnect. Maybe a sweetening jar for good luck.

Obsession spells are a fun time that can quickly go bad. It doesn’t always turn nasty, but when it does, it goes hard. They can bring out the worst in people. And the worst in you. Best to use them wisely when other means haven’t worked.

To answer your question-your fluids in his wine will definitely do the trick. Manifesting along with it is icing on the cake. But, try not to lust for results, be desperate, etc. Once you link the two of you together with the consumption of your DNA, keep an eye on yourself and your thoughts. Side effects of spells like this can have you obsessed and that can quickly spiral.


Thank you for the suggestions! I have a honey jar that I need to recharge and I will ask a spirit to help with communication and forgiveness. You’re absolutely right though. I have jumped the gun in regards to wanting obsession so I will just keep myself grounded and will make sure I’m physically safe.


I used to do spells like that too but if they worked they worked for a short time.

The best thing you can do to attract love or your specific person is to work inwards.
Most blockages in spells come from wrong mindsets.

If you have a negative self image, negative self talk etc. Your spells will not have a great effect.

Try falling in love with yourself first and this will be reflected by your environment too.


Wow! I’m sorry you had to go through that. How do you feel about cord cuttings? You said you feel that you somewhat got him from being obsessed. Have you ever gotten a reading to see if he’s over you and/or healed?

So it was an aunt in law! She was married to my mom’s brother. This lady had a lot of screws loose and to be honest, she was just a nasty lady inside and out. I remember being young seeing her literally take fluids from herself in all areas and serving it to specific people at gatherings. Friends, families, her guys all would flock to her. To this day, everyone including my uncle whom had plenty of women since will come to her aide. I remember her sometimes saying affirmations like you will love me you fools and become obsessed but far as my mom knows who was a great friend of hers, she was “too stupid to know magic” :joy:

I will look into her YouTube! Thank you along with those other suggestions @Shadow_Whispers have been helpful as well so I think I just want to fall back for a couple of days. I live with this ex so it’s kind of hard to avoid him to remain positive and see him come from the results but I’m making it work!


You’re absolutely right and I’m getting great advice from you guys. I will try a self love petition. I’m curious, do you think Lilith will help me with this? Do you have a personal self love/image spell, affirmations, etc? Thank you in advance!


Well, I’ve considered cord-cutting, but this is a person I’ve spent several lives with, so hopefully, the next one will be better. So far, he’s gone now. I wouldn’t say I like the cord-cutting thing… I’m not fond of burning bridges. However, I don’t care if he’s healed or not. At this point, that’s he’s business.

Lady Avi also has a bunch of self-love-sweetening spells. Take a look. I like root work. So dig around her page, I’m sure you’ll find incredible stuff.

Best of luck


I actually checked out both her YouTube and her services. I’m going to try out both. Thank you for the recommendation and all of your help :heart:

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This is the manifestation method that’s been trending recently on Tiktok, right? It’s nothing new, but I strongly suggest that you be wary of anything that gains traction on that hellsite.

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The O Method has definitely been around since tik tok and you can actually find topics on here about it just in different wording as you stated. Tik tok did influence me but I also put my own spin on which I now know may not been idea.

Why would you say to be weary? I have done things from TikTok out of pure amusement

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Well, as you know, Witchtok are the same weirdos who spread a lot of misinformation about the Grabovoi numbers, hexed the moon (with devastating results), and even tried to hex the fae folk for shits and giggles. Basically the magickal equivalent of eating Tide pods.

I make it a habit to research and verify whatever they say and never take their word for it. I don’t trust those crack babies, and frankly, they should hand in their selenite wands. So please, proceed with caution.


So I want to be sure …? The o method is basically adding menstrual blood to your beloved one’s drinks? Or is it something else?

If that’s the case… Let me tell you, that’s way more ancient than TikTok

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Basically it’s aiming the energy of your orgasm at your intent to get your results.

It’s used a lot with energy manipulation, remote influence and spare style sigils to charge and release them.

The o method is just a trendy name to get peoples attention on social media for something that’s old hat, often mentioned in chaos magic and the like. :blush:

It’s almost the reverse of sympathetic magic, but it’s the same in you are linking your energy and your intent through your actions to your result, your might not be using (but you can) a sympathetic link to represent your target so it sometimes falls more squarely into energy manipulation but it’s the same in:

Actions = generating energy
Intent or thoughts = direct energy
Orgasm = releases energy (comparing it to burning a candle, but instead your masturbating and skipping the candle)

Most people won’t hold their intent until they orgasm however, at which point they focus on wherever it is or completely try to forget it, to send the energy off to the workin; due to an inability to stimulate themselves to orgasm with erotic stimulus of sort, even if it’s from their thoughts.

When I’m doing kitchen witchery I hold the intent the entire time. However I’m probably more likely to catch a stray thought here and there than someone focusing on orgasming, so it’s simply different, but better or worse.

Sometimes people struggle though when they want to learn clairsentience and energy working if they easily stimulated by energy and magic so :woman_shrugging: it could be a hinderance I suppose, as a sole manifestation method for some individuals who lack self control and will power.

Well the “o” method according to the tik tok guys and gals simply mean to think of the person of choice as you orgasm. Then there’s a “whisper method” that’s popular on there where you whisper things to your person of choice.

I did the o method but a bit different. I said what I wanted from him aloud ( him to love, hug me, etc) until I orgasm then I “activated” his wine that he’s been sipping on throughout the week along with water bottles of my orgasms.

The people on TikTok always make things seem “new” or forget a little to a lot of details. No different the overall web

Yes pretty much! I just added a little oompf but activating my orgasm into his drinks that he’s slowly been sipping on all week.

Have you had personal experiences with it? I feel that I was pretty successful honestly. It was not hard at all since I was calling my desires aloud. The hard part has been living with the ex who is cold as ice right now.
If you’re reading the comments everyone is saying it will work but backfire as well. What’s your opinion on that? I would love to know!


Not with this application exactly sorry.

Jajaja I’d twist it by squirting into his lemonade lol