The number 11

I’m not sure if this is the right category. But the number 11 has been following me around constantly. To start it off my mother was born on the 11th. Every time I check the time it’s always 3:11, 4:11, ect. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night grab my phone and it’s always 11. For a while I was without a place to go and the place offered to me was floor 7 room 11. Which is my birthday reversed. It’s constant. Go to the movies, I’m in theater 11. See my receipt and it says register 11. A reading I got before says Lucifer has been sending me it? Are there any other deity’s associated with the number 11? What do you think it means? Has this ever happened to you guys? I feel like I’ll never know myself until I’m able to talk to lucifer and ask him myself. I ask for signs maybe that’s the signs I’m getting? I heard angels use numbers to talk to people maybe it’s an angel? I just wanna know so badly :rofl:

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The number 11 is associated with enlightenment I believe. Or maybe I’m just crazy and I’m seeing the number because I’m looking for it? But it happens always when I’m not looking for it.


This is a start.


It encourages you to walk the path to spirituality and ascend. With positive thoughts you manifest positive results.


Thank you so much. Your post is awesome and extremely helpful.