The number 1054

So, I have used the search engine on this forum and online for the meaning of the number 1054. I started doing this because when I was small I would see this number etched into buildings but my family would never see it. I started using the number in somethings because I thought it was my lucky number or something like that, but now being a practitioner I think it may have been a magickal number or something. also lately I have been seeing it again, and I have been having dreams about it. Maybe its warning or something that could be personal. If you guys have any ideas please lmk.

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Not sure but it’s divisible by a prime number 17.

Does 17 & 62 have any meaning to you?

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I seem to always do rituals 17 days after I plan it and as for 62, see every once in a while if I’m not seeing 1054

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Try making a magic square with 1052 as the output. And meditate upon it.

The first on the list was Jupiter, and I got a vibe that this is what you seek, try meditating on that.

Gematria is a bit niche, but it can be useful at times.

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I will do both of those, maybe even in conjunction with each other. Thank you both so much.

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No problem. And good luck.

If you research numerology regarding your numbers 1054, here is what I found. It brings together 1, 0, 5, 4, number 10, number 15.

The number 1054 is a number that signifies self control and justice. The opposite meaning is it can impact fear and a dependent life.

Number 1 signifies intuition and beginnings. It impacts strength wherever it occurs, and gives the ability to handle responsibilities.

The number 0 pulls a greater force and signifies universal energies.

The number 5 means freedom.

The number 4 gives you total control of yourself and frees you. It will impact your strength to take up responsibilities.

The complete number 1054 signifies you will have some type of freedom in life. It will start to materialize after you have seen the number for a while. Putting all this together and the meaning as it applies to your situation might be accurate as it is only a potential vision of the future.


Its the duality number 1054:

In history 1054 is the Great Schism that refers to: East–West Schism, between the eastern orthodox church and the catholic church.

Probably in numerology should be only the last digits of the year considered, number 9 (5+4). 9 = Glory of Satan