The Nine Virtues of the Magickion

Everybody, so i channeled the source, or a incarnation of it to gather these for you all, These arent law by any means but a way you could live life. I go more in depth into the meaning in a post on a blog, you guessed it, by me. i thought it was a good time to let my stuff out and share what i have with you guys, anyways enough rambling here they are.

  1. Humility/Humbleness
  2. Will
  3. Prosperity
  4. Nobleness
  5. Love
  6. Self/Self-Love
  7. Thought
  8. Strength
  9. Question


I think these are good virtues for you, however I, personally, will pass on humility, I would rather seek sources of rightful pride and celebration. :frog:


Thank you, i explain humility and how it can be changed for humbleness(which are two different things) and other words on my blog post. but im glad you got the jist of it, most would just put it down for sounding to like what religions like Christianity and new age stuff say.


Well, it mostly is, but then again some systems work for humans because we are social creatures, most cultures have a taboo against murder… I think the danger comes if you say this is channelled from Source for everyone but if this is your personal code, go to it. :+1:

Just be wary, maybe, when suggesting a code is applicable to all magicians - especially since many of us have thrived from adversity of different kinds, where a life of prosperity and self-love, for example, may have just left us NPCs…

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Oh ya for sure, i understand, Thank You

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10 - Pursuit of Truth ( Knowledge ) . Probably the most important in my opinion.

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Yes i agree, i was just getting the info from a spirit, plus they said the number of virtues was important , the number nine, i would defiantly like to change it up a bit so that it appeals to others but the spirit said it was fine how it was lol, cant win everybody, right? Question kinda also fit the area of pursuit of knowledge, not quite, but it does a good enough job

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