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So, I have been considering making a pact with a demon and ive had a few people tell me I should be able to communicate with them first. So I tried making a sigil and chanting enn with Gremory…worked out great in my opinion. So, my question is what can I do to become closer to communicating with my demon now? Is it evocation? Is making a pact the next step? Thanks guys. Michael.

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Evocation, is probably the best option but with that comes practice you may not be able to see or hear them immediately.

And you want to figure out everything you can about a spirit before you do so who are it’s masks, favorite offering, etc etc

Gremory is im pretty positive my choice…things went great when I made its sigil and chanted its enn the other night. Where would I find out how to do a proper evocation?

Well usually in books. (Or E.As Evocation course) Might be a few videos on YouTube… let me look

Aha! Forgot about this one

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I had a friend just tell me that I should do like I had been doing…get its sigil, chant its enn and that was evocation…only difference is this purpose is to become closer with it.

Well in a sense yes. But sigil gazing is more of a telephone call where evocation is actually bringing the spirit to you

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I had a friend tell me you can let them work through you, not possession, would you suggest doing that?

Evocation is not possession they don’t need your body all they need is your energy to create a body of their own that you can see

Oh wait I understand now.

That’s invocation where they put their energy in and around you and helps you with what they are good with

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I believe that is done when you evoke them enough or if you straight up ask them to do it.

It all depends on you are you confident enough to go up to a girl and talk? And have the spirit help you?

Or do you want the spirit to go out and do it for you?

These are just broad definitions of it, anything can hapoen

I want it to guide me, i’ll do the work, I want it to help me.

Also, Gremory’s planet is Venus…how do I use that information in honoring her?

Invocation is the way to go… one way to do it would be get a necklace of the spirits sigil or a tattoo charge it up and ask for their energy to guide you (how I’ve done it)

Or you could ask while sigil gazing

Or evocation

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Just ask! Ask the entity as if it were 3 feet from you in the same room. Punch through the veil and assume the entity is right there with you! Can you feel it? Do you feel as though speaking out loud is legit and it is listening? If it doesn’t feel legit, it isn’t. Oh it may hear you, but it is a one way relationship.

Draw the entity to you. Call out its name. Light your candle, devour the sigil with your eyes and chant your chant … or just call it. “Gremory! Come!” Feel it in your bones that it is right there and that you called it towards you. Repeat.

What helps is after you call the name out loud for real with a conversational volume level, imagine your inner voice screaming with power into the abyss that surrounds us. Let your greater voice echo. Feel it. Hear the echo. Demons are always closer than you think. Let the eyes from the abyss stare at you.

Use your gut feelings. Explore your mind after you call the entity. Has something changed? Allow your mind to be like a theater and enjoy the show. Don’t force it or place fraudulent thoughts in your mind.

Let the demon speak.

So after you called it a few times and poured some emotion into it … you need to shut the hell up and listen!

“Gremory! Come!” … search your feelings for a minute. Repeat.

Works every time.

Trust yourself.


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Awesome, going to do just that tomorrow night, thanks for the time. Michael.