The Never Ending Story...(Fill in the blanks!)

I’m about to “write a fictional book about demons”, but I’m totally out of ideas of how to “finish” it. I need all of your help, but there’s some rules before we start:

  • You have to contribute with THREE SENTENCES, tops, for a chance to twist the story progression.
  • The last sentence, whether it’s one, two or three, has to be unfinished or opened to add a continuum.
  • It’s free writing at it’s finest!

A bunch of demons sat in a bar…”

“A magical midget walked in the bar, unbeknowst of the group of demons celebrating a successful comrade. He walked towards them, and when he’s about to pass them, one of the demons said…”


“Wonder where that one’s from. He’s a might furry and pale for this dimension.”
The Midget walked to a corner table and took no notice.
“All kinds of creatures come in, it’s the edge of the worlds after all.” A fish like demon said, pausing in his meal which squirmed on his plate.
The Midget looked up as an Incubus came to his table.


Reminder: THREE sentences, whether it’s a dialogue or an explanatory event taking place.

“Is this seat taken?”, asked the tall and gracious incubus.
“No, it’s not.”, said the magical midget.

Once the incubus took his seat, the other demons turned their heads at the table, seeing the oddity of the two starting an interesting conversation.

“Does this look infected to you?” asked the incubus.
“Did you know that there isn’t any ham in a hamburger?” said the magical midget.

At this point, these two crazy kids knew that something was in the air. But what it was, they did not know.


The hunch that something was in the air was right, because the bar chef was juggling with peices of raw meat at the time.

“I knew it!”, said the midget.

“It’s something in the air, allright! Meat!”, said the incubus, while swirling his tongue in the air and slapping his empty belly.


Although the incubus and midget were eyeing the meat, what they should have been eyeing was the health inspectors grade posted outside the front entrance.

The “C” grade does not mean cool as these two will soon find out.

“Why is there such a long line to the bathroom.” wondered the incubus as he bit into his steak.

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“How do you know when you have run out of invisible ink?” asked the midget.
“Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?” asked the incubus.

The tainted meat had started to take hold on these two.


“I’m not sure, ask your mother” the midget snorts in response.
The incubus settles into a chair, his eyes shifting out of focus, as the midget leans forward on the table.
“Tell me about Maven Black-briar” the incubus sighs

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“Oh Mave eh? She’s a beauty with the touch of poison in her castle.” The Midget smirked.
He noticed the demons at the other table were betting and one was stripping?
He decided to watch the Meat show instead.


Dagon walks in, shuffling humbly to drape over the bar, ordering a red rum. Cthulhu murmurs, sending tremors through the bar. Drinks spill over, dust falls from the woodwork.

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The incubus poked the Midget, “that one gets around.” He said softly as he eyed Dagon.
They both watched as Dagon took interest inthe goings on at the demon table.
The Midget wondered if this was his contact finally; this place was strange.

‘Hey, buddy!! Is it true that if I catch you I’ll get a pot of gold?’

The demons at the table chuckled and the midget slammed his fist on the table, yelling, ‘dammit I’m NOT a leprechaun - stop laughing, it’s not funny and I’m not happy!!’

The demon replied, ‘Oh well if you’re not Happy then which one are you?’


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Dagon gets up and approaches the midget and says looking into the midgets eyes ‘’ did you order a pizza ‘’. Dagon turns out to look like this guy images%20(6)

And Background music starts.

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The magical midget replied: “No, I didn’t order a pizza. A pizza ordered me to eat it.”

With glisten in his eyes and moisture sipping out of his mouth, he started to lick the pizza with passion and fury.

“Why are you canoodling the pizza, dude!?”, said Dagon while he scratched his hairless head.

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One of the demons points to Dagon and shouts “Hey look, it’s Mr. Clean!”

Dragon glares at them and says “I told you not to call me that. And stop bothering the small guy!”

The demons laughs and says “look boys, Mr. Clean is a leprechaun lover!”


The incubus flushed in irritation at being ignored as the Midget shared whispered conversations with Dagon.
“So much noise here, I didn’t realize I’d get so much attention”. Dagon whispered, sharing pizza with the Midget.
“Can’t be helped since you came dressed like that.” The Midget winked.

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The floor starts to crack open, the leprechaun snaps to summon his rainbow ride, disappearing. Dagon reveals his true face, things begin to smell a bit too fishy. The demons all begin to go into formation…

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“I guess the ruse is over.” The Leprechaun echoed from the darkness.
Dagon cracked his knuckles. “I prefer it that way.”
The demons growled in response.

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Sharpening their claws and blades, the demons prepared to attack. Dagon pulled energy from deep within and began creating a whirlwind in the bar. The leprechaun pulled out his brass knuckles and took a step forward.

The incubus yelled out “Hold up everyone, we should talk about this!” As he drew his power from deep within him and began to inflame the lust centers in all of their brains.

The leprechaun, and the rest of the Demons had a confused look as they all began to feel stirrings within their loins, and they realize that something was amiss.

The entire bar glared at the incubus, and begin to March directly at him, forcing the incubus to back into a corner.

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