The necronomicon (simon)

I read just past the mad arabs testamonial. Last night i had a fear. I dont know why as im nornally calm and even demons do not freak me out. My mind kept showing me incredibly scary images (dolls moving around on their own and the faces of greys and reptiles) i must say that my visualization has gotten better by reading the book.

As i laid down to sleep, i kept hearing voices right outside my window. (I live far out in the countru so no way it was someone) i also kept getting the feeling someone was watching me from across the room. Between the door to leave the room and the door to the closet. All of this stuff has happened since reading the small amount of that book that i did. I dont know if its real or not but i believe the mythos of it tie to sumerian mythos. The book holds some real power to cause me to freak out. (I have not felt like this ever. No matter if demon god or just spirit from a graveyard.) What has your experience been with that book?


A small addition:

I had dreams of glowing blue sigils and seals and i saw the letters and heard the names of ancient gods. It was very weird. I kept saying them and hearing them be said.

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Can you draw the sigils you saw but put an x over it aswell? Also may I know the names you heard?

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Its not letting me upload pictures tonight.

And the names were (ishkal). And Ish-(something starting with an N) there was also a name starting with an A. they played over and over and i was saying them in the dream.
I hope this helps. And i will try to send the sigil pictures tomorrow. I can pm if you want.

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Here is that photo of sigils. Why did you want to know these things, if you dont mind telling lol.