The necromancer question

I just want to know if doing the skull of death exercise and all those who come after may make my astral body/soul look “ugly” and undead and make my physical body look kinda lifeless and if there are ways to not have that happen?

A general explanation of it would be good tbh someone please enligthen me

Hello there,
In regards to that particular exercise it doesn’t really augment the appearance of the energy body at all. The actual purpose of this is the following.

● Aligns the necromancer to the powers of the path their immersed into.

● Consumption of a very miniscule amount of death essence (this isn’t enough to cause any harm, like the oldest saying the difference between medicine and poison is the dosage). This particular section is to strengthen ones own immunity to the negating/harmful effects of death essence.

● Acts somewhat as a preliminary necromantic empowerment.

● Creates internal adjustments which are necessary for walking the path, these adjustments are different and unique for each person which performs the exercise.

If one actually observes a large quantity of similiar exercises and has experience in performing them for several year’s they’ll also tell you that it doesn’t cause transformation of the energetic body. Now of course there are exercises out there to augment and change the astral body via the assumption of chosen elements, planets or chsoen archetypes which one may embody and assume in a visual way expressed through their energy body. This is if the exercise is geared towards that and one actively tries and intends to manipulate any of the subtle bodies for whatever intention they may have.

Of course this exercise doesn’t do that so you’ll be fine jn that regards, in terms of the “lifelessness” or any other potential concerns to life essence or vital energy. There are various sections in the book that address self maintenance and the self development of one’s own energetic system. Such as the necromantic yogic section, the transmutation of negative and harmful energetic effects into more healthy and rejuvenating ones through the system known as “dark defilement”.

There are also many others things in this written work which ensures the necromancer is vibrant, healthy and radiates the life energies which matter. Yet simultaneously allowing the necromancer to have their metaphorical hands as it were in the vortices of death essence and the various other energies, powers and forces found within the path.


Thank you very much for the explanation. I just performed the exercise and i really vividly felt it.

Also when i scrolled through the book the first time it left me in shock how valuable that info is and how seriously powerful the content is. Thank you for writing that book!

Edit: i noticed just now i am tasting and smelling “death” which is very interesting rarely happens that i perceive energy through smell/taste but the taste of death is weird af and isnt leaving somehow

Beware death energy is no joke…

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I am aware hence my caution friend i willdo the exercise for atleast 2 months. As preperation to build the needed resistance/immunity