The names of demons

In one of E.A.'s videos, he downplays the concern of those magicians who worry themselves sick regarding whether or not they have the correct pronunciation of demons when they do an evocation. If I’m not mistaken, this was within the broader context of him saying that those types of minutia that are so often emphasized in traditional magical orders are a waste of energy and misses the point. In another video he emphasizes many ancient gods are known by different names within different cultures. Again, he seems to say that the names are not that important.

On the other hands, he probably would not dare to evoke Belial and just willy-nilly call him by another name like Bune.

So are the names important or not? I would think that they would be. On the other hand, I can very easily see how different cultures could know the same entities under different names.

What are your thoughts?

It’s like giving a gift to some one, It’s the thought that counts. :wink:

Well, that’s because that would be intentionally disrespectful, or at least intending to call one being by another’s name.

if i went to reply to you and typed “Hi jnoyt”, you’d realise that was a typo and not me being silly - if I typed “hey Jammy-Dodger” you’d know I was making a point of calling you by another name, to assert on some level my own dominance - just like any other kind of name-calling. “I’m going to tell you and other people what you are, and you’re going to goddamned sit and take it” - like that.

So it’s actually kind of the same - trying your best to get the name right isn’t the same as using any old name to make a point.

So are the names important or not? I would think that they would be. On the other hand, I can very easily see how different cultures could know the same entities under different names.

What are your thoughts?

One of the points of preparatory immersion is to attune yourself, so that if you call on, for example, the Egyptian Sun god Ra, even if you pronounce his name like “Rar” - which most people think is probably incorrect - you still also have the intent to call the Sun god, imagery of the forms attributed to him, and so on.

Later, he may give you a more correct name to call him by, but your first attempt was both sincere and also backed up by the information you had.

Like, if you posted on here, “I can’t remember who it was, but would the person who was a Mormon and moved home last year please reply, I think your name was Fred?” - then, Frater Dark Matter (hope you don’t mind me using your as an example Frater!) would know you meant him, and not me, or anyone else. :slight_smile:

Speaking of demon names, has anyone been able to find a copy of the Dictionnaire infernal in English?

I think the point of names, like Lady Eva is saying, is to distinguish one being from another, or to impress our own projections of them onto our own perceptions and possibly theirs.

It’s like I have said before. There are some entities that said to be the same entity in another culture going by a different name, or sometimes the names are just so similar that people get confused.

If there was a demon named NimNim supposed to be male in one culture and people said, well I heard NimNim is either also the same demon as Nimbath in another culture or maybe just a female archtype of him in that other culture. If you attempt to evoke the entity and you believe they are both one in the same, it doesn’t matter which name you use, which gender, or with archtype you use if your intent is to evoke that entity it will come, especially if many other people have made that association in the past between the two entities.

If you are correct, it will tell you yes, that is also another archtype of me or it will tell you no I am not the same entity, she is not me, people are just confused but the entity will understand why you were wrong and they will simply correct you instead of getting angry at you. And not just the JOS website that some people seem to hate with a passion here, there are many many websites that will tell you the same things.

I even read on one website, the person was mentioning the supposed link between Astaroth, Astarte and Isis and this guy even made it a point to say, No I did not get this information from the Golden Dawn, or from the JOS website, and a few others he mentioned, he said I evoked all aspects of this entity to confirm this, and then went on to say how he had verified or disproved some of these entities that are supposedly the same being with many names.

So you really have to evoke the entity and ask him if all else fails, if you keep getting too many different opinions, or if your gut is telling you something. But you also have to remember that languages differ so the name Bohkoo in another language could be spelled abakroo in another language. So unless you are intentionally trying to mislable an entity, accidentally saying the name wrong will do no harm. I have mispronounced names a few times myself and they simply corrected me, some of them even laughed at me.