The Mummy Return's

So I am finally coming to the realization I need to start/have my own grimore. With that being said is there away I can put a curse on the book so if anyone other than me reads it some things starts happing…:wink:


Yes there is away.

I have not received a response yet

Just enchant it so that anyone who touches it will be cursed.

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Sounds risky to me, you forget all about it and years later your neighbour’s kid finds it, or you die, and some innocent person clearing out your place gets hit - better to make it “invisible” which is to say, people see it but don’t notice it.


That might be better than it giving out curses.


How about making the curse apply to a specific group of people?

A robber/burglar goes into your house and finds the book. Boom, you just got… puts on glasses chronic diarrhea.

Or perhabs a muslim who mistook the grimoire for being the Qu’ran… you chose​:joy::ok_hand:

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Or you can get a notebook with a lock on it like this one:

OR you could REALLY throw people off and go full blown pink and girly kittens!! NO ONE would suspect you would keep your darkest of dark magicks in something as sweet as THIS one:

You could maybe even give life to the cat so it becomes a sort of egregore to scratch the eyes out of anyone who dares try to gain access!!

Cute AND functional!! :relaxed:



Where can I go to find the method for that?