The most intense vampiric ritual we tried so far by EA Koetting and ND Blackwood

As some of you may already know, my last book the Encyclopedia of Wamphyrism have been release on October 3

This grimoire end the Draculean trilogy that I started years ago with Draugadrottin and Scholomance and contain the specific indications and ritual to evoke more the 45 spirits, ascended masters and even Gods related to the current of initiatic vampirism.

To end this epic serie of book, I have decided to propose to the public the strongest group ritual I ever made. This rite may be the last I’m going to perform for hire, as the topic of the next book might note be adapted to that form of ceremonies.
As readers of my book may know, vampiric spirits are called forth throught the power of four cardinal powers.
According to famous french occultist Robert Ambelain of the 20th century, the creation vampiric entity is a complexe process.

« We (Magicians ) supplemented the higher elements of the Self, released and passed into the higher planes, literally possessing the corpse, still in perfect state of preservation, by a sinister force of spiritual nature, itself linked to one of the four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. There is therefore successive integration of four different elementary entities. One would conjure up and order one of the four Governing Spirits of these periods and its immediate Servants, numbering two »

Readers of Scholomance will probably recognize the ritual mentionned in the Magick of Abramelin the Mage, used by the magickal advisor of Emperor Sigismond of Luxembourg , to transform his beloved wife into an Undead. The four cardinal spirits, Paimon, Ariton, Oriens and Amaymon are called during the evocation of every vampire.

During the ritual that I’m goinng to perform on November 30th, I am not going to call forth an Undead mentor, as I once did during previous initiation. I’m going to directly call upon the very source of the vampiric strain : the power of the Four princes. For this, I have decided to be assisted by the personn that I consider the greatest expert of the century , in every matter that regards demons, my friend EA Koetting.

EA as more than two decades of experiences with demons . He has work with every dukes, princes and demonic kings of the Infernal realm, and is well known for his work with the 9 demonic Gatekeepers.

The ritual we are going to perform during the Night of Saint Andrew, will only be perfomed once. And while I’ll be focusing on the evocation of a very specifical undead master to initate you, EA will directly summon the four cardinal Princes, to boost your assencion inside the vampiric Stain, to its highter source.

Paimon is the expert of persuasion and influence, and is able to raise a man from a beggar to a king. It is said that these powers of self-transformation even extend beyond this world, raising a man from a corpse to a God! In this ritual, Paimon will be evoked in the North.

Oriens is The King of The East, and will be summoned in that direction. He has power over all riches and nobility, praise and dignity, but for this working it is his power over resurrection that we seek, sinking us into the metaphorical grave and then raising us up from the earth into immortality.

Amaymon is normally called in the east, but in the Abramelin Rite he has been displaced by Oriens, thrusting this venomous King into the realm of fire. This will cause a manifestation of Amaymon that is much more aggressive than ever before. Amaymon will breathe his venomous breath imbued with the hot winds of hell, which will enter our nostrils and begin a reptilian transformation of ourselves from the inside out. Amaymon will awaken The Dragon’s Eye, giving us the sight and mind of the Immortals.

Ariton concludes this circle of spirits. It is said that calling Ariton is fatal to the magician, and indeed it is this fatality that we seek in this ritual, to deal the fatal blow to our mortal selves, symbolically sacrificing who we once were to make room for who we are to Become! Like Oriens, Ariton also has power over resurrection, reviving the corpse in the very same instant of death. Having rulership over the waters, Ariton is called in the west.

Some reknown practitionners of the vampiric arts, also link this powers directly to a specifical stars, Amaymon is Regulus, Ariton is Antares, Oriens is Fornalhaut while Paimon is Aldehbarran. Summoning the powers of this beings inside yourself, is the most forbiden alchemy, hidden inside the vampiric current. By channeling it inside yourself, you will you will awaken inside yourself the direct source of this current.

If you have already receive initiation inside a strain this will catapult your level of vampiric powers to a all new level. If you have never participate in one of this iniation, you will start with the strongest and most transformative process for this current.

But this is only HALF of the ritual.

On my side,I will perform a ritual, calling upon the Undead of the Dragon lineage, and from the black flames of the Chain, she will evoke one of the most powerfull among them. This entity is known by many names within the lodges that venerate vampiric beings: the Red Countess,The three-clawed dragon , the Lady with the dagger. However, during her existence in the flesh, she was known as Erzebeth Bathory.

She is also known for her rejuvenation abilities. Incarnate adepts working with her describe how their bodies regain athletic abilities and an unexpected vitality during possession by this formidable mentor. In addition to the mentorship she provides in the realm of initiatory vampirism, her followers are renowned for their mastery of the art of hypnosis This gift of hypnosis is a potent weapon in the tool for any adept of this current.

Despite their abilities developed during these sessions enable these adepts to transcend their own physical limitations.

During this ritual, I will ask the Red Countess and the Undead who make up her chain to stand by your side and bestow their gifts upon you, catapulting your abilities in terms of vampiric drains , rejuvenation, hypnosis and willpower and for the most gifted, that of transfering their essence.

Our ritual will take place on November 30th, during the night of Saint Andrew. According the folklore, Saint Andrew is the protector of wolfs in Romania, and it said that he descend upon earth at midnight, to share it’s prey with every wolf. It is also said that during this unholy night, the wolves have the right to eat any cattle, and that animals might even speak . The cosmic order is said to be deeply disturbed during that night, and that the spirits of the deads and vampires come roaming this plan, hunting for the livings and their blood.

Taking part in such ritual, is life changing. The energy that are going to be channeled during that particular night, ar en’t those of a classic vampiric ritual, and such operation will only be perform once.

Discover our video talking about the rite :

Order the Encyclopedia of Wamphyrism and the ritual


Would this ritual be of benefit to someone like me, who’s working through the thresholds in the Deification Magick Spellbook, who’s not working towards astral immortality in this lifetime?

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If your aim is to devellop vampiric-like habilities, but not join the strain, you mean ?

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Yes, not join the strain just yet.

Dont have the money yet to buy the ritual ill try ordering the book and doing it myself but good luck to anyone participing


So these 4 spirits are behind every vampire? Or they just happen to be called for their elemental attributes?

This princes powers are at the core of the European strain. It might differ in case of other strains such as those from extra terrestrial nature.
Each of them are actually link to a star that is North, East West and South of planet Earth, so I may guess that under other names, this powers are the essence of terrestrial undeads.

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Is there an actual elemental nature to the correspondences of the Four Kings with the Four Royal stars, or do they just correspond because tradition happens to place them in the same positions?

There are spatial correspondances to this stars, Regulus, Antares, Fornalhaut and Aldebarran, still it also matches with how Solomonic magick attributed a cardinal directions to each prince.

Going off the above response by author, we have:

Regulus is in Leo :leo::lion:

Antares is in :scorpius::scorpion:

Aldebaraan is in Taurus :taurus::ox:

And finally we have Fomalhaut which is the brightest star in constellation Pisces Austrini.

Which sit below, you guessed it, Aquarius :aquarius::amphora:

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