The more I try, the worse it gets


I’ve been attempting to get some results from magick, specifically demons for months and life just seems to be falling apart.

I’ve lost my home, car and kids just a few days ago. It’s like every time I try to work with a spirit or even do the pentagram meditation that EA talks about, everything goes to shit in a huge way.

What’s happening?


Either you’re being pushed to evolve and work for what you want or you don’t mesh well with demons.


Maybe try some Archangels? Sometimes angels are the answer


Sorry to hear that. If you’re using classic evocations, calling a spirit and stating what you want, and wait for it to happen. Then this is a faith-based magick and your results depend on your faith in the spirit you work with and how deep your TGS is during the ritual.

If you’re casting spells with your evocations then you’re probably doing something very important, very wrong. It could be, for example, lust for result or not raising enough energy or not concentrating well on your desired outcome, or using weak symbols etc

I assume you’re only using classic evocations so I highly recommend that you cast spells with your evocations to recover. Focus on doing that and nothing else. That’s what I would do.

And I agree that you should also try different kind of spirits. Archangels or Gods for example.


What entities have you contacted specifically?


Lucifer, Sastan and Beleth


I’m not overly familiar with Archangels, I have to do some research on them


I primarily work with demonic side of the sheet, but man them Archangels can do some work. And fast as shit. Look into all 15 and see what you think you need. If youre trying to fix your life or do something love related(you mentioning Beleth suggests this) I would steer away from Azrael, but he does work well at cutting away dead weight


Do you forget about the ritual and let it leave your mind? Or are you constantly thinking about the ritual and looking at everything as a possible fulfillment for your ritual? Because if it’s the latter, you need to stop it, lusting after results will make them never come.


I think the issue is more along them not meshing with demonic energies


I know. I do my best in that regard, but especially the last few days, that’s not easy


Is there a way for me to fix that?


Honestly I dont have an answer myself for that because I just soak in any kind of energy I feel like using my hand at. For the time being Id give Archangels a test run, and use search to try to find out how to mesh with demonics better. Some people just arent built for demons, and dont forget you can still be LHP and use Angels. Some of them are brutal as fuck


Thank you


Seems scary to see what you facing, I am now also facing some issues on my life, eg. Failed on Love relationship, money/financial issues, a lot complicated works problem comes from people/colleagues, family’s arguments about I leave church and stop to be christian etc, but is all my own problems, not come from any spirit or demon, I try offering to Lucifer and pray to him, tell him my issues and trying using meditation to communicate with him, seems I keep failed, is frustrating, I can’t feel him, but facts I know that is he is listening to my pray and he is with me, look out for me because I keep see new things/video thru internet that have some new info/knowledge/facts/thoughts that I need to know, I know he is trying to lead me and try to correct my mistakes and change my old thoughts on many things, even I keep failed to meditations but I know I will get there eventually, I just need keep try and not to give up simply. your thread give me some scared thoughts, I am very new in this all, i know Lucifer is good & love, he won’t harm people, but I don’t know why you will having this kind issues, hope you get your answer soon. Bless.


Thank you for that


You both have patterns of repeat that compare to each other. Just remember who’s always there for you when no one else was since your child hood… we all have a shadow and some are demons shaping us for by discipline… some times great discipline comes great responsibility…

The signs are everywhere, just have to take the time to look :cowboy_hat_face::smiling_imp: