The Money Transmutation Card

This is a journal to test my Transmutation Magick Cards that i have made. I will release photos if they work. The concept of the money card is to burn it along with cash. This signifies you transmuting some money to much more. I will have Raziel the angel help me in tonights ritual. I will post updates after.


I believe this will go good. Raziel seems friendly enough. He showed up as soon as I called him once. I asked for guidance and someyhing i should beware. The two cards feom tarot that i pulled was
The Devil / Ten of wands Upside down.

So in my opinion of the reading, Raziel is warning me not to lust after the money which i need. He is pretty much saying “worry not, for i have you now.” He also warns me about lying and malice and slander. These could lead to me falling into more trouble.

I asked about any advice and he stated “Seven of Pentacles” im a bit loss of what this could mean as most of the meanings have no real impact into this transmutation magick. Feel free to commet about the ritual. The ritual ends in 2 weeks. Thats the allotted time.