The middle path (why so polarizing?)

Why distinguish left handedness and right handedness when they are two sides of the same coin? You can wield dark power with complete moral integrity, but would it still not be “black magic?”

Left and Right only exist in the sense that we empower our beliefs of them. A more accurate way of looking at it is what Daath belief so tou want to empower to walk the path you want? There is an actual Physical as well as Psycho-Spiritual reason you have the Left-Handed Path as well as the Right-Handed Path. From a traditionalist mundane religious perspective Left is equated with Darkness or the Abyss (Daath/Da’at) whereas Right-Hand Path os associated with Light and Religiousity:

LHP - the physical and psycho-spiritual reasons are rooted in the Left side of the Body and the Right side of the brain. In Jewish Kaballah to use only as a referrence, the left side of the body as well as energy body from a normal faceforeward orientation is usually considered the realm of Chaos…and hence the chaotic dark sea (which is ascribed to Lillith). This is essentially the abyss, because the abyss isnt a Literal Ocean so much as it is an ocean or large body of “Information” which accounts for many things considering what humanity has come up with. The right side if the brain rules the Unconscious and creativity…hence the right side of the brain being usually wired to the Left Side of the Self…i.e. It is “generally” thought that those whim are Right Handed are more creative. Knowing all this…LHP can first be thought of the very base of which existence begins to form (the 1st Stirrings of creation within the Abyss) which is Form derived from Pure Information.

RHP - the religious is the association as well as LIGHT. This is the masculine side and is shown by the of the fool if you look at a Kabbalistic tree and its corresponding texts. From a mundane perspectice when one is Religious/Zealous…one isnt “thinking” about what ones Beliefs are and hence…one isnt analyzing the information, but rather whatever Information underlies ones Foundation is being “Energized by LIGHT” to put a spin on things… This is the meaning of Walking a Fools Journey…KNOWING without KNOWING is a religious state of Mind and Action shere you are AS an Automaton (at least temporarily) to the energized program within your head which then interacts with your bodies nervous system to produce Light energt which propels you to Actions and hence PRESENTATIONS (a Belial thing).

So in knowing all this…you Merge the LHP and RHP. One looks in a Mirror to where on then becomes Mirror inverted where one can visualize a second self standing within ones own space turned around looking at the Portal of Your Reptillian Brainstem which leads down your spine to the information underlying your programmed body which comes from your brain. It is within the Abyss you can then begin to see ones Daath Beliefs (Informational Programs of ones brain…Bio-Computer). When one turns ones self around to look in the Portal, you can think of it also as the Right Side (Masculine) Interacting with the Feminine Left Side…When one stands within the Chaotic Abyss one must Exert “Dominance” in order to keep the Information of the Abyss around one in an “Ordered Form” of ones choosing (Armour)…otherwise one will drown in Chaos and at some point to go completely Mad…FYI this is the real meaning behind Forging ones Armour of the Abyss…which is essentially forming ones Armour of Belief…because the Abyss is Daath which means “Belief” and thus…likewise, ones Ritual Practices of Belief act as ones Armour…like the kabbalistic cross or whatever =).

So ones Dominance of Controlling Belief or Daath can both be seen as an Armour and a Sword combined one and the same…or a Pen and Paper and ones Creative Mind (Triangle of Art), etc. In the practice of Magick at this point there is no white or black magick…because via controlling information (black) and thence energt is tied to information what one calls Light or Emotions (White) one is practicing a different form of magick.

Now does this mean one is all of a sudden walking the Path of a Monk? No…only if hou choose or you let others put you into that box. In fact you xould be amongst the christians or jews and practice a Masterful form of this “Magick.” Then, you could be say in a business, military setting or a Courtroom and practice this form of Magick. You could practice this form of Magick in the digital or computer realm. All of this requires that you have MASTERY OF INFORMATION and putting it into ACTION which is the Office of Belial. Unlike other Gods which could be considered General Gods, Belials specific office is Mastery…which is both very General and Specialized…convering all Spheres. This means he covers all realms including the creation of machines and their use. Now what I mean by this is that Belial is the Guardian of the Abyss and the Web of Life because he is the Master of Weaving, creating and Evolving all that this encompasses where he is the Guardian whom holds the Light of Daath…the LHP and RHP merged…The Sacred Stone of Mysteries called by many names.

So you can take all this Information…and be whatever you like…do whatever you like…walk any path you want. Want to be a Monk? a regular person? An LHP Dark Lord? Or perhaps an RHP Lord of the Light.

I also forgot to mention. When you walk this path here is a realization from a Jewish Kabbalistic Point or View. There is no seperation from the Dream Unconscious Reality (Light of Kether is the Source Energy of Daath where Belief lies energized) meaning Kethsr is always tied to Malkuth where a constant stream of Divine Light is always spiing down tk and creating Malkuth. It is just a matter of changing your Unconscious Programs.

Knowing this…one draws a Line down the center of the Tree where you get the Hidden Sephiroth of Daath. It is hidden because people cannlt understand or see the relationship between information and Energy is what created ALL THE PROGRAMS and perceptions of them to begin with on all Spheres on the Tree of Life to begin with. Thjs means Daath exists everywhere simultaneously.

So when you follow this Line from Kether to Hidden Daath Portal, to Tifereth to Yesod and then Malkuth one can draw one conclusion from all this knowledge and the drawing of this specific line in the likeness of all this knowledge. This is seen in the relationship of Tifereth and Daath…where one is walking the Path of Beautifying or Perfecting ones Daath Artform of shaping the world to conform to ones ideals. Where it is a mirror reflection of ones inner Ideals. So the Line from Kether to Malkuth can be thought of as an Ever evolving, perfecting Timeline of Manifestation encapsulated by ones Awareness…energized at Yesod for Sexual Energy or Rather this is the first and most crude but powerfuk Life Force a Human yields…where it then takes form in the Malkuth workd around you. In other words you weave and energize into existence all your manipulations of information around you in the physical world to your hearts content… Whether it is Magick, or Learning or Divination, or being that badass sports performer, or whether one wants to be good at anh profession involving words and people. Etc.

I couldn’t read all of that, too wordy, but I believe we are on the same exact page.

Not a problem. Some days I dont feel like reading either. Try as I might, my eyes themselves will literally grow bored and skip entire sections. Maybe my eyes are smarter than what I think sometimes. Its am unconscious thing but I think you got the idea.