The message of cold as stone/Set in stone?

a few days ago i came across on the forum are things Set in stone?
Another Job interview but i was skeptical, I Saw sign it said Set in stone, I did the interview Unaware if I was successful. i Went home, watched my TV i continued to hear people Admitting to being Cold as Stone. Here’s a history lesson of myself
I had to be A cold Stone asshole in order to guard myself from Trust, people manipulating lying to me Guard myself from My own Light if i were to let my benevolence Shine like a star in the Night the Star would only Grow Until Pain floods in from New experiences and bombs explode in my face Until I’m knocked back into Knowing i need Darkness to Be the real me to be True to Myself To Understand concepts without being Blinded by my own Light. Then i would lose myself in the Dark Just so i can hide in the walls of my own Darkness so i can feel a sense of Peace.
I Fear The angelic side of myself my benevolence My Light i consider my benevolence To be the True EVIL only to me What do you Think the message is i need to Grasp Understand?
if you need more information i will be willing to provide with The information

What drew me to this thread was “Set in stone” like… Set.

Then I see you talking about both darkness AND light, reminding me of Set telling Daios and I to read the Liber Nigri Solis, which supposedly helps get a better understanding on that balance. If Set is reaching out, reach out back. Talk to Set. See what he has to say. I feel compelled to write this. Interesting.

I will thank you :blush: i”m sure Set is an interesting spirit

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My patron deity hehe. I just took a closer look at your post and I can relate. I am dealing with something similar. I feel Set is calling out to you. Talk to him and see. He has instructed me to read the Liber Nigri Solis and like with everything else, I have been procrastinating. Still, you might wanna check that out. Contact me if there is anything else you want to know. Might get you into contact with a man named Daios. Sorceric family of mine. We are descendants of Set. He seems to know more. Maybe he can tell you more if I can you into contact with him? I have had a hard time reaching him lately though. All things in divine timing though, right?

Yeah thanks I will try to reach out, but I’ve noticed Spirits do not know how to speak with me accept for one annoying persistent demon that will fuck with me if that is what it takes!

Fuck with you if that’s what it takes?

Sounds like King Belial.

UPG indicates he and Set are the same entity.


No not king belial just a demon that has been appointed to me in this life - time

Hmm. So why does he fuck with you? What is his purpose in your life and vice versa?

Don’t know why he fucks with me, he is supposed to make me the god I want to be as well as provide me with The Dark arts I desire

I see. And how does he fuck with you? Are you able to talk with him?

No I can’t talk with him

So how does he mess with you?

I would rather not continue talking about him I actually do not like him

I see. Fair enough. Although, like him or not, it sounds like you’re stuck with him. So as one final thing to say on the matter, I suggest asking him to help you speak with him so you can work out your situation with him. Otherwise, it is likely to just keep getting worse. It sounds like he is here to help you. But that’s all I shall say for now since you would rather change the subject.

Have you heard of the Liber Nigri Solis?


I looked up Liber Nigri Solis? found out it speaks of arcane, I mentioned arcane on another forum the word arcane came to me

Weird but I was of course looking for that within my mind.

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Cool! You can download it as a free PDF I discovered. Much cheaper than paying like 120 bucks for a physical copy (they don’t make an anymore and they’re all hard back with leather. Fancy lol)

Just download it as a free PDF and give it a read. Maybe that will help you?

It will help me I can go to the store to print it for less than 30 bucks if desired

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Cool! Glad that helped.

See if you can contact Set.

I will keep in touch if you like. Just hit me up if you feel like.

Now it’s getting annoying I have seen The name set a lot lately, I could invoke SET but that would include a conversation I am Not open enough to magically. Could you speak with Set and ask him what he wants? I could send you a message and we could proceed?