The Meditation of Godhood Through The Art of Pain - From My Book of Asmodeus "Vivlion Tun Asmodeus"

Greetings, and blessings.
Its me Xag Darklight Here and Today i will give a free Meditation From my own contribution named “Vivlion Tun Asmodeus” in The Compendium of Asmodeus and this is from chapter one - The Art of Pain.
Now i didnt worked with The qlippothic sphere of Golachab but i am certain that this connected me and transformed me by the power of the burning ones.

This one of the most hardcore and life changing Meditations and Rituals that i ever did and it changed me in every way,Asmodeus is the next gatekeeper after baal,the ruler. and baal the ruler made it clear that the master is served by all - Asmodeus takes this into the next level,you take pain and force for personal growth,you take your own fear of failure for ultimate success and this changed me so fundemetally it is indescrible of what you can become through the fire of asmodeus and the burning ones. This why in my book of asmodeus i call asmodeus over and over with the title of The Great Liberator of Mankind.


“Become Your Every Sin,
Become Your Every Lust,
Become Your Nightmare,
Become Your Every Nightmare.”

These words had come out of his slithery Tongue and Hellmouth, spilling fire, Pain, Power and lust and even wrath.

Not petty wraths and lusts but literal Diabolical Evil ones, even primordial ones, his huge serpentine tongue hisses the evil words and guides me into godhood and in my dark Apotheosis as the Supreme Being.

I am guided by this Spirit, I have the spirit of asmodeus within me, now forever the fiery gate of hell burns within me and brings Asmodeus.

“Rash ‘Am Asmodeus
Asmodeus, I am your Gate
I am your Wrath
I am your fire
Rash ‘Am Asmodeus”

My black soul and spirit say to him without words at this point and even now as I am writing this, I am his gate and I feel it, his energy and power not as a simple sensation but a knowing beyond knowing runs through me.

Asmodeus next lesson that completes the meditation that he wants to teach me and taught you too, if you want to open the gates, I do open the gates, this book, this grimoire, this compendium, is a physical gateway to him and to others and to the father, into Satolas,

The Next words of the Demonic King, Asmodeus are:

Devour, Destroy Thyself.

As these words ran through the meditation, the words Double Binds The formula and it is completed.

Become Your Every Nightmare.

These are his first words.
There sit and feel and see yourself in yourself as the most weak, wicked Evilest powerless, Slavest Self ever, as a rotten tortured Soul Servant, see yourself as that and become it.

But do not accept it, don’t accept being Failed by yourself, but become the nightmare of your nightmare.

With fiery evil destructive wrath destroy and devour your weakest self, you had become it and thought like that and felt like that to get into this point, this is the essence of being the nightmare of your nightmare and devour thyself,for your own power, glory and godhood.

This is not easy and not for the weak, to pass through it you must step up to the pain and weakness and embrace them, your breath is your reminder.

But only for those who are willing to devour and lose everything for their ascend. True power is knowing that you can recreate what was destroyed and what is destroyed, this meditation opens the possibility to see your nightmares for you to transcend them, for you to transcend failure and success, as these are options and illusions, these are of your choosing and your emanations as being, the work after these trials is this and beyond.

Push yourself out now, devour and destroy yourself now.

with truly pure powerful wrath of a god, devour yourself from the heart, from the mind, from the soul, from your core and being. Destroy the possibility of failure and success, this is becoming your nightmare. The nightmare of nightmares, this is also again transcendence, giving the seed, the empty space for the supreme to rise, no other than you.

After you have become an empty socked, a meat bag you are free, but not done, you must create.

Create yourself, reform your mind, from nothing.

Not even your ashes, this is not just a simple rebirthing exercise, this incarnating the supreme being, the living god within you.

So, reform yourself, reform your mind and beyond. failure, success, power, thought, feeling, heart. And go beyond, and beyond, be the supreme being.

I Am the Supreme Being, The Primordial Void, I am Takkalos!

The arts that asmodeus teaches are indeed painful but full of results through them I been able to change my whole reality almost instantaneously through them you can transcend beyond them realizing that pain is indeed essential for your own growth and ascend, you take that pain, you feel it, you turn it upside down and then you release it, it becomes a servitor in your ascend, Baal showed what truly is a servitor and a servitor it is not a being that kisses its master’s feet and does whatever the master is lazy to do, but instead the servitor may cause pain but if you are a true ruler, a true leader and a master you will know that this is on purpose, you lead for purpose and you are being served for a purpose and you feel pain for a purpose : To Transend.

When I first started working with asmodeus as the lord the lord of pain which he branched out as Aeshma he offered me a challenge that I gladly yet painfully participated, and this was the one-hour meditation.

Sincerely,Xag Darklight.


Ayer avage aloren Asmodeus aken

Dies Irae, Dies Illa, Solvet Cosmos In Favilla! Vocamus Te Aeshma-Diva!

:heart: Asmodeus :heart:


I love this chant! and indeed asmodeus accelarates the dissolution of worlds and the inner one for ultimate godhood, through that dissolution we can connect with the primordial nothingness within us and self actualising our godhood the illusions are destroyed “The world that you seen was a lie,the true world was that of darkness,that of limitlessness”


What can you say about bael And Bael qliphótica sphere?

Honestly @Xag_darklight I get more and more impressed with the sheer magnitude and Gargantuan leaps of progress which occur when I take a small leave of absence occasionally…
It’s becoming undeniable regarding the Augmentation and transmutation (no doubt physical transformation one day)…
WHICH occur through the vibrational contagency of the interactions between the ancients through the ancient covenant with the infernal empire…
I swell with pride but also wince at the sting from the double edged sword which I perceive as I identify my recent behavior in life as a first step to cleaning inventory or augmenting a new belief into my psyche…
Pride from watching my close friend progress from interesting new forum. Member…
TO A NOW 2( Or is it 3 now) Published contributions to the world’s epitome of cutting edge and modern platform/Provider Of occult knowledge truth and community… OH BY THE WAY… AT AGE 16!!!
The kings of the future ruling infernal empires shall honor your name amongst all other gloried practitioners ascending and transcending as vessels and messengers of Evolution.!
HAIL Takkalos!
HAIL Lucifer
HAIL the Infernal Empire!


Thank you brother, love ya!
It is important in our evolution to understand tha if we think that we are what we think then we are too arogant to see The truth that we are in the progress of becoming and the only stable unchanging thing that remains in our immortal core is the certainity of what we are and becoming.

Thats why both asmodeus and satan told me to always - always be one with yourself.


Wow… Did I mention I missed you??? Lol I finally took a curve back to interacting online but had been practicing still even at odd times whenever the time was available

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And FYI… Your ambient music just started the crap out of me… Whatever track with that booms loud suddenly… Lol hope to chat again soon homie.

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Hail asmodeus

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Nice, I’m.loving it


I found myself chuckling as I was just rereading something I wrote in my journal a couple years ago about how pain can be used for a source of power before seeing this (funny how things line up like that). I was actually debating typing it out for here, although I have never worked with Asmodeus in that particular working. I might just have to try that out.

And the theme of constant destruction, devouring the pieces, and reforming yourself through a constant cycle seems to be a theme with the nine as I work with them. I once again find myself agreeing with a majority of what you find @Xag_darklight. I always look forward to more of your work.

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