The mechanics of tarot

I purchased the oracle of Qayin for two reasons- one the curiousity to learn the skill/craft and two the stunning artwork. However for me it raises the questions as to the mechanics behind tarot- what drives this form of divination? Is it just the natural- how do I word it- energies at work or are there specific entities that drive it. I have much to learn about the art of tarot.

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Tarot is like a more complicated version of drawing straws. Except there are more straws and they have more characteristics.

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The best answer is “synchronicity” - it works because it does. My own theory is based on the cards’ careful presentation of major archetypes. The archetypes are in the reader, they are in the querent, and they are in the cards. To the archetypes, there is no division, they simply are where they should be. As humans, we perceive the cards as separate things when they are really just part of the greater flow around us.


The archetypes of the tarot cycle are time-tested templates for your subconscious to project it’s own issues and tensions over. The symbols are arranged in the way they are because they give your subconscious a way to work out its problems. It’s really simple actually.

You can get any layout of cards and they will always match up, no matter what you get, like the astrological symbols, they will always correlate with whatever is going on in the back of your mind. It will always seem synchroharmonious because they are symbolic systems which allow your subconscious to find meaning relative to what it wants.


Intriguing and informative answers!